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[Lore] History and Statistics of The World
The land of Age of Excelsior, simply called The World, is based on a one-sixth model of the real world. Many major cities and landmarks have locations represented in the game world or are present in the names of various areas. Twelve servers house the playable areas of the world, split based on population and area. Any character made in these regions first start in a specific city regardless of where the player is in the real world.

  • Africa - Starting City: Alimoshiddo (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Eastern Europe - Starting City: Podiletyk (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Eastern North America - Starting City: Queen's Landing (New York, USA)
  • India- Starting City: Kanjhawala (Delhi, India)
  • Japan/South Korea- Starting City: Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Middle East - Starting City: Basileuousa (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Oceania - Starting City: Bennelong's Gate (Syndey, Australia)
  • Russia - Starting City: Obskaya (Novosibirsk, Russia)
  • South America - Starting City: Parelheiros (Sao Poalo, Brazil)
  • Southeast Asia - Starting City: Phrakhon (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Western Europe - Starting City: Lutetia (Paris, France)
  • Western North America  - Starting City: Maple Lake (Seattle, USA)

While there are many cities throughout the World, most of the villages and towns are populated primarily by NPCs. Vendors, quest givers, guards, and nameless wanderers represent the large population of the world that the Heroes fight to protect. While some cities stand on their own power, most of the world is covered by numerous nations and principalities with NPC heads of state, who often provide high-level quests themselves.

Blessed Cities are locations where the gods have invested their power, and it is in these cities that the Temples where PCs are revived are found. Though the number of Blessed Cities varies from server region to server region, there is an average of six in each. Blessed Cities are also dedicated non-combat areas where weapons cannot even be drawn normally. Celestial guardians and ancient mechanisms stand to protect their borders from incursions from monsters and other invasive forces.

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[Lore] Heroes
Chosen of the gods, Heroes are the player's Avatar in The World.

In the distant past, the races of the world lived in relative peace, only interrupted by small border disputes. This simple time was, however, ended when a king of elves uncovered an artifact left over from the creation of The World. Seeing his chance to unite the disparate nations under his iron rule, he created numerous subservient races, and with his army of monsters, he waged a terrible war against all that opposed him.

Disturbed by these events, the gods moved to bless those who would stand against this unstoppable army. As the numbers of the elf king were limitless, they gave their followers the ability to infinitely return to continue the battle. With time and decisive victories, the swelling number of Heroes were able to push back against the forces of darkness all the way to the keep of the Dark King where they destroyed his corrupted artifact.

Forced into their underground fortresses, the followers of the Dark King were cursed by the gods and left to their fates. However, the world was still a dangerous place. Mindless monsters roamed The World and much of civilization had been destroyed in the pitched battles that had won back the taken territories.

[Thus ends the events of the Base Game]

With the Dark King imprisoned, the Heroes turned their attention to cleaning up the monsters he had unleashed. What seemed like a simple task quickly turned into a monstrous undertaking. As they pushed into the wilderness in search of their quarry, they discovered the wilds were teaming with monsters and corrupted beasts. The leaders of these new enemies were demigods that had been corrupted by the Dark King's minions and driven mad.

The Heroes joined forces with the tribes and nomads that lived in these areas, and their numbers grew again with the members of these races who received the blessing of the gods. Though large tracks of land were scarred by the death of the corrupted beings who had once ruled over them, the dark forces were eventually routed and a relative peace returned to the wild places.

[Thus ends the events of the Expansion: Guardians of the Wild]

Seeking some semblance of life as it once was, the various nations held festivals to celebrate the victories of the Heroes. Contests of arms were held and the heroes participated in less combat oriented competitions with a focus on crafting, cooking, and arts. Guilds participated heavily in these events and new contracts were forged to afford them greater land ownership the benefits thereof.

But on the final day of the vast celebration, disaster struck. Various allies turned on the Heroes, revealing themselves to be under the sway of the Dark King's machinations. City states and entire nations turned on them, threatening to overrun their Blessed Cities and cast down the Temples that gave them life. Fortresses and castles that were once defended by the Heroes turned into dungeons populated by corrupted allies.

[Thus ends the events of the Expansion: Deadly Shadows]

[Thus ends the events of the Expansion: Whispers in the Deep]

[Thus ends the events of the Expansion: Heavenís Crusade]

[Thus ends the events of the Expansion: Rise of Dragons]

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