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LARPOL Summary - 9.4.17
  • Bvlarlvb enters the tavern and makes a scene.
  • Kaine enters.
  • Both purchase Dwarf booze and pass out/shit themselves.
  • Garon splashes them with water. He tells tale of the Sunless Citadel.
  • Bvlarlvb attempts to convince Garon to come along and refuses. He is beaten by his wife.
  • Bvlarlvb then attempts to dress up as a dog and dress its dog as a derro. The dog does great but Bvlarlvb sucks at it.
  • You all leave. The trek along the old road is quiet and you eventually make it to a ravine.
  • Old bridge is no longer there. Some climb a rope down to a landing, some climb the rock face.
  • Kaine catches the falling Bvlarlvb and Baddywhick.
  • You are all attacked by rats.
  • They die.
  • You continue down the steps. You begin to see the Citadel. Finally, at the bottom, the ground is difficult terrain.
  • Making your way across, Xalwin falls into a hole and is attacked by a rat once again but kills it with a single firebolt.
  • Entering the Citadel you are presented with 3 doors. Bvlarlvb finds a secret door but triggers a trap and is stabbed.
  • The small secret room is filled with 3 skeletal rangers.
  • Y'all got hurt.
  • And there we are.

Initiative Order:
Kaine - 20
Baddywhick - 15
Xalwin - 16
Skeleton Rangers - 16
Bvlarlvbina - 9

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