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Sun 7 May 2017
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Enter the Tawning Yortal
The Tawning Yortal's taproom fills the first floor of the building. The 40-foot-diameter well that provides access to Undermountain dominates the space. The "well" is all that remains of Halaster's tower, and now, devoid of the stairways and floors that formed subterranean levels, it drops as an open shaft for 140 feet. Stirges, spiders, and worse have been known to invade the Tawning Yortal from below.

Balconies on the tavern's second and third floors overlook the well, with those floors accessed by way of wooden stairs that rise up from the taproom. Guests sitting at the tables on the balconies have an excellent view of the well and the action below.

You see Durnan, owner of the Tawning Yortal, pouring a large frothing mug of ale for a hooded patron.

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Sat 6 May 2017
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Enter the Tawning Yortal
In reply to Dungeon Master (msg # 1):

Settled comfortably into an armchair by the hearth that lies opposite the entrance to the tavern, a bearded old Gnome clad in the robes of Blackstaff sips brandy from his goblet while pouring over a lengthy scroll of parchment.

Damned neophyte mages and their lack of respect, it's as if they have no idea how privileged they are to be granted admittance to Blackstaff Academy, let alone allowed to peruse my Grandfather's collection! Mmm, that's a nice vintage. All these late books, now I have to spend my private time tracking these brats down when I could be working on... THAT. Ey? Who's Durnan talking to? To the nine hells with this until morning, I fancy a bit of conversation.

Xalwin rolls the parchment and slips it into a case at his waist as he makes his way over to the bar with his empty goblet. He sidles up to a stool near the stranger and quickly addresses the barkeep with familiarity, "Friend of yours from down below?"

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Tue 9 May 2017
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Enter the Tawning Yortal
Durnan pushes the tap handle forward and sets a froth-capped mug of ale down in front of the hooded stranger with a clunk. A somber look pours over Durnan's face as he glances at the well in the center of the taproom.

"No friends - living at least - to find down there, only treasure," Durnan grumbles to Xalwin.

"What can I getcha? We've a variety of ales, stouts, ciders, and grog. Marruada can cook you up something if you're hungry." Durnan gestures to a set of stairs leading to the second floor. "Rooms are 3 silver per single bed, 5 silver per double, and 1 gold for a suite."

The hooded figure raises and tips the mug into its hood and places it back down on the bar. A few drops of foam and beer fall to the bar top from within the darkness of the hood.

"And if you want a ride," Durnan points to the large well in the center of the taproom, "It's 1 gold each way. No exceptions."

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Mon 8 May 2017
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Enter the Tawning Yortal
Not skipping a beat, "Heh! Meaning no disrespect, Durnan..." Turning to the hooded individual, ...or to you either, traveler. You merely have the look of a confident adventurer. Pray, what is it you seek here this evening?"