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Sun 7 May 2017
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Posting Rules (Read 1st)
So here are a few rules to keep the posts and game looking uniform.

1. Keep all non-game discussions to the OOC (out of character) thread. This includes questions about game mechanics, if you're allowed to do things, etc. The game threads should always be in character.

2. When posting, use BOLDED AND CAPS LOCKED text to indicate shouting. Always use your choice of color to indicate verbally spoken words. The DM will use bold non-capslocked words to indicate speech. And please use italics and color to indicate thoughts.

3. Please make use of the "spoiler" tags to hide information you don't want others to see. This includes game mechanics (if you want to take a nature check). Since your character wouldn't say "I want to take a nature check", put these things in spoiler tags.

Spoiler text:

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
This is what spoiler text is like.

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