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Tue 26 Sep 2017
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For all your out of character needs.

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Eska Goe
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Thu 29 Mar 2018
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Question Game
Let's do some ice breakers so we can get the feel of each other's characters. How about this:

Answer the question of the most recent post, and then post a question for the next person who posts.

I'll start us off...

Your character washes up on a small island with limited resources. There's no ships in sight. How do they react?

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Sat 31 Mar 2018
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Question Game
In reply to Eska Goe (msg # 2):

Dives back into the ocean and continues swimming towards my destination, silently cursing the storm that pulled me from the sea.

Bandits have taken a child hostage, how do you respond/deal with the situation?
The Sea
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Sat 31 Mar 2018
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Question Game
Alright. Got the Prologue Threads up. You have all arrived separately. You are to meet up at the Skull and Seagull but you are free to move around town as much as you want before that. You have money to purchase anything you think you might need. You are all still technically marines and have no bounty or history of being a pirate yet so no need to worry about keeping your heads down but you are under orders not to reveal your identity as marines now.

If you have any questions please let me know.  I know this isn't the best start but I want to get things rolling so I figured I'd put things up and explain things as questions come up.
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Tue 3 Apr 2018
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Question Game
In reply to The Sea (msg # 4):

So what are we doing for a ship?  Do we have one or are we gonna have to "Acquire" one?

Figure as the shipwright that should be my first priority.

Also how do we recognize each other once at the bar?
The Sea
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Tue 3 Apr 2018
at 19:21
Question Game
You do not currently have a ship and as for the bar you have not been given descriptions of each other so you will just have to go and find out