Dawning of a new day.   Posted by McManus.Group: 0
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Sat 9 Jun 2018
at 05:17
Dawning of a new day.
McManus steps down from the front porch of the old mill, his soft leather boots making little noise in the morning air.
He sees some ducks and geese being herded along the waters edge of the river by young Tomas and he waves.
Today is the day.  The day that Master Miller Imbolc has decreed that McManus is allowed to leave and chase his dream of adventure.

There are several friends in town that he has plans to approach, and he already has a quest in mind.  But to convince those he knows to turn away from the comfort of their village life to take a chance on being injured or even killed chasing some dream of treasure....hmmm it will take some thought.
He starts walking down the path to town.