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Adversaries List
Appearing in:
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Warren Reese
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Wed 7 Jun 2017
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Re: Adversaries List
Name: Ivanka Polsky
Appearing in: Burning Knight and Gifts of the Tengu King
Known Associates: Georg Vastag, Russian Mobster Turned Black Court Vampire
Known Assets: Black Court Vampire with Thaumaturgy, Russian-American mob
Known Weaknesses: Black Court Vampire

General information: Ivanka Polsky was born in Moscow during the late 16th century. The child of a noble born priest and his mistress she grew up in a wealthy household. Strikingly beautiful she learned to manipulate people at an early age. She was twenty-seven when she was turned into a Black Court vampire. Over the centuries she has grown in power and experience.

She migrated to North America shortly after the communist party took control of Russia. She is a spider preferring to use agents rather than taking direct action. She controls a strong minority of the organized crime in America and Russia. Currently, Georg Vastag is her second in command.

In recent years she has been seen several times taking direct action. Twice she appeared in Columbia, South Carolina where she encountered Warren Reese. Why she has suddenly become active is a mystery at this time.

Warren's Information: During the events of Burning Knight, Warren was investigating the disappearance of homeless children in Columbia. He discovered that a small nest of Red Court vampires was feeding on the children. When he went in to clear out the nest he encountered Ivanka Polsky for the first time. She was using the Red Court vampires to supply her and her children with fresh food. While she survived the encounter, she was wounded and lost one of her recently turned 'children'. Since then Warren has researched her and discovered much of the general information about her.

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Warren Reese
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Fri 9 Jun 2017
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Re: Adversaries List
Name: Malcolm O'Brian
Appearing in: Burning Knight
Known Associates: None
Known Assets: Red Court Infected, former Columbia, South Carolina police officer
Known Weaknesses: Red Court Infected, afraid of fire

General information: Malcolm O'Brian was a detective in the Columbia police department. He was investigating the disappearance of homeless children when he was captured and infected.

Warren's information: During the events of Burning Knight, Warren encountered Malcolm as a Red Court Infected. Recognizing that Malcolm could still be saved, Warren let him escape but was unable to locate him after the fight. Someday, Warren hopes to find Malcolm again.

General Note: I leave it up to you to decide if Malcolm is still Infected or a Vampire. If he is still infected, I could see him irrationally blaming Warren for his condition. If he has turned, he would hate Warren for killing his 'family'.
Emmaline Von Morganstern
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Re: Adversaries List
Name: Caesar de Calabria y Santiago
Appearing in: Fires, Faith and Federalais.
Known Associates: Red Court, Rebecca Ferrante - Warlock
Known Assets: Vampiric Sorcery, Cult of the Bloody Knife
Known Weaknesses: Fire, Sunlight, Religious Artefacts

Caesar is an ancient Vampire dating back to the earliest European penetrations of the Americas. He has long haunted the South Western deserts where he controls gangs of Coyotes and drug smugglers. Entire small towns are enthralled to his venom, grey dilapidated places a shade worse than normal rural decay.

He has of late been acquiring religious relics of the early colonization for his own fell purposes. At least he was before Emmaline and Asta Spotted-Horse teamed up to thwart his business and burn several of his associates to death while recovering the artifacts.

Caesar is temporarily weakened, but he holds a grudge like the Spanish Nobel he once was.