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Sat 20 May 2017
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Character Creation
Level: 1
Race: Any dnd published races.
Class: Any dnd Published class or class option (including alternate ranger).
Stats: 4d6 drop lowest, arrange to desire. After rolling you may choose point buy instead.
Hit points: 1st, 2nd, 3rd level max, roll thereafter. After rolling you may choose "Book average" (HD/2+1). You may do this separately for each level.
Background: Feel free to make one up using the guidelines in the book.
Personality, Ideal, Bond, Flaw: Not required, but you should have a strong mental image of who your character is. Furthermore, if you do chose to have these, you can 'invoke' them for inspiration. Basically, anytime you play your character well, according to how it is outlined, you are eligible to gain inspiration. Particularly if the actions you take are not the most effective/strategic, but are nonetheless true to your character. Flaws are particularly useful in this way. Don't be afraid to ask "can I get inspiration for that?"

Submit name, race, class, basic 1-2 sentence summary of character concept.

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