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Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 22:06
OSR Game
Let's try this:

Roll 1d4-1 for each stat.

Each stat gives a special benefit other than comprising att/dam bonus, hp, and various armor class.

str: # of item slots (total slots equal 1+str, not all items take up slots)
dex: adv sneak att roll (dex times/day)
con: +hp
int: # of spells
wis: # heals
cha: +roll (once day)

HP (str+dex+con+int+wis+cha)

PAC (str+dex)
MAC (con+int)
EAC (wis+cha)

All rolls are made with FATE dice (also called fudge dice). You can any stat to make an attack or other type of roll (like a skill check). Roll and add your stat. Circumstances may dictate advatage or disadvantage. You are encouraged to create advantageous situations.

Adv +2
Dis -2

When rolling against AC, you compare your roll to the AC, if you exceed the target's AC, you damage the target equal to the excess. For example, if the target has an AC of 3 and you roll a total of 5, you inflict 2 points of damage to the target. When a target reaches 0hp, it dies or goes unconscious (attacker's choice).
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Tue 13 Aug 2019
at 22:23
OSR Game
I guess I should open up a new character for you too.

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Thu 15 Aug 2019
at 16:05
OSR Game
Ok, I think I was going too far in making up a lot of background and stuff, which maybe isn't the right approach. So I'll swing the other way and just be classless human. Rolled stats are:
Str 2
Dex 3
Con 3
Int 2
Wis 2
Cha 0
 GM, 423 posts
Thu 15 Aug 2019
at 16:58
OSR Game
If I ever find occasion to really insult someone, I am definitely going with "Classless human".
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Thu 15 Aug 2019
at 21:26
OSR Game
In reply to GM (msg # 4):

For what itís worth I was trying to come up with a setting that was futuristic.  A planetary system where different races come from either different planets in the same solar system, different moons around the same planet, or maybe a binary planet system or something like that.  At any rate they have advanced to the point where they have interplanetary travel, but not interstellar travel.  But while interplanetary travel is possible, it is still prohibitively expensive for most and still rare.  It has occurred enough though that the different species have populations on each habitable planet.  I was trying to think of ways that different planet characteristics would make sense for the different +/- to stats for each race.  I wanted to keep the number of intelligent races pretty low, and also maybe include androids.  Also was trying to think about technology vs. magic.  If there is a lot of technology what does magic do that technology doesnít, and vice versa.

Fun to think about, but it would take a long time to fully develop.  We could kind of develop it together as we go if you are interested.  Or we could go another direction completely.
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Thu 15 Aug 2019
at 23:30
OSR Game
Sounds fun.
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Mon 19 Aug 2019
at 16:23
OSR Game
How about this, let's do an alt/near future version of our solar system. Wherein it is the case where earthlings are the dominant beings in our solar system and there have been discovered other races in the solar system, particularly on the moons of Saturn, and let's say mostly subterranean, using geo-thermal energy as opposed to solar energy.

So, let's say you are someone who has vacationed to a Dome-city resort on a Saturn called Sigma 4. Think of it as like a stationary cruise ship, where instead of the visual draw being the ocean, it is the view of Saturn with it's rings and other heavenly bodies, where different viewing areas magnify far away planets, etc.

Your character is someone who just finished a government contract in your prefered area of expertise, so there is no set timeline for the end of your vacation, and money is not much of an issue with basic needs.

As far as magic/vs technology, what do you think? We can go with no magic, or magic exists, but not known among earthlings beyond superstition and is discoverable.

What kind of a background does your character have? He is highly talented in dexterity and constitution, talented in strength, intelligence, and wisdom. And somewhere in the below average to average range in charisma (which doesn't necessarily mean appearance).

What would your character be interested in doing?

What name do you want?

What kind of gear do you envision carrying in a near future scenario on vacation?
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Tue 10 Sep 2019
at 18:51
OSR Game
How about this? Magic is practiced among the non-human Saturn moonians, but is not widely practiced.  A rare magic scenario.  Most humans think of it as voodoo, but some are able to practice it.  I was also thinking that magic has a cost to get into.  Like a pact or spell scar of some physical/emotional/mental nature.

My character is an extractor: hired on a contract basis to get people/things/information out from where it may be ďstuck.Ē  He just finished getting some sensitive documents from a mining company to the government.  The contract has just cleared, so he has some time and money on his hands.  He is looking for some R&R, also mildly interested in learning about the aliens, and always with an ear out for the next contract.  Letís call him Calvin Coolidge.  Letís say he has a small caliber side arm, modern smart phone, and clothing.