On the Path.   Posted by Storyteller.Group: 0
 GM, 93 posts
Wed 14 Feb 2018
at 06:32
On the Path
As the party makes their way through the dense woodland there is a sense of foreboding and unease. There are sounds all around and some of youbare sure you hear the sound of chittering laughter around you.

Anyone with a Passive Perception lower than 14 make a perception check.
 Dwarven Barbarian, 16 posts
Wed 14 Feb 2018
at 09:34
On the Path
Guess I walk along oblivious.

09:34, Today: Hanto rolled 7 using 1d20+1.  Perception .

Blaizelius Le Fey
 Tiefling Knight, 15 posts
Wed 14 Feb 2018
at 14:24
On the Path
My passive is 14 exactly.
Blaise unsheathes his weapon, clearly unnerved by the laughter he starts scanning the the roadside for any sign of attack.
Shrade Harcroft
 Human Paladin, 8 posts
 AC 19, HP 37/37
Wed 14 Feb 2018
at 15:11
On the Path
Shrade quiets down and focuses on his hearing as the sounds reach his ears. Noting Hanto has moved on, he called out to him in hopes of getting his attention, "Hanto." He slowly drew his blade from its sheath, not expecting that laughter to belong to anyone with a kindly disposition in a place such as this.

Perception: 22
09:08, Today: Shrade Harcroft rolled 22 using 1d20+3.  Perception (wis).

Sytara Stormblade
 Sul'lar Rogue, 34 posts
Thu 15 Feb 2018
at 00:45
On the Path
Sytara was alert, her blade out.  She was ready for danger.

"'ware the bushes!" she hissed to the others.

I went and rolled a 22 and then noticed that my Passive Perception is 14 anyway...