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Fri 2 Jun 2017
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House Rules
A couple of House Rules I wish to add on to this before I forget to do so.

Critical Hits:
Critical Hits will be worked out in the following manner: all inital damage dice deal their maximum and you then roll the critical.

Critcal Success and Faliure:
On any d20 roll outside of an Attack Roll that would result in a Natural 20 or 1 the following will occur:
20: Add 5 to your total
1: Subtract 5 from your total

HP at level up:
At 3rd level you will gain Max HP and from 4th onwards if you decied to roll for your HP and if you below a the following numbers you gain the average HP you would get from your Dice
D12: 7
D10: 6
D8: 5
D6: 4

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