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 Kami Lord
Mon 29 May 2017
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Game Introduction and RTJ Format
Years after the Rise of the Runelords, Sandpoint needs a new generation of heroes. Local goblins have somehow armed themselves with a large amount of fireworks; emboldened, they are attacking merchant caravans throughout the region. An old reward for killing the goblins has been posted again--clearly, an opportunity for new adventurers to prove themselves!

Soon, the discovery of a dangerous secret will lead to a journey to a distant land, to challenge a tyrant known as the Jade Regent.

If you'd like to participate, here's the Request to Join (RTJ) format:

Race: Core preferred, any Paizo allowed (up to 12 RP). You can also ask for permission to use a hybrid race using the Paizo RP system,  if you really want to be a Halfling with an Ifrit grandparent, or some such thing.
Class: Level 1. Any Paizo class/archetype allowed, as well as Dreamscarred psionics classes. Ask me about 3rd party classes or archetypes.

Campaign Trait: From the Jade Regent Players' Guide (free from Paizo's website -, with an explanation of how that connects your character to a major NPC.

Combat Role: What's your character good at, on the battlefield? Control/buffs/debuffs? Melee? Ranged damage?

Noncombat Role: What's your character good at, off the battlefield? Looking pretty? Knowing everything? Sneaking around? Healing? Utility magic?

Background, Appearance, and Personality: Family, livelihood, interests, religious beliefs, and so on! Show me your writing style. I hope to see engaging, descriptive writing, with paragraph breaks! Quality is more important to me than length.

Character Arc: What are your character's flaws, worries, challenges? I'd like to see potential for your character to grow as a person.

Tell me about your past experiences (if any) with...
Rise of the Runelords - Your old character (if any) might be a legend in this campaign, off adventuring in a faraway land...
We Be Goblins! - I haven't played this, but it's a prequel of sorts to The Jade Regent.
The Jade Regent - No spoilers!

How often do you check RPOL? I'm planning to update the game T-Th-Sa. Feel free to mention if you use an app, RSS feed, or email notification system.

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