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Tarkahnta Modelii Akata
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Mon 29 May 2017
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The play is the thing
Leaning back in his bio chair. The Merchant drew deep of the hooka sitting on the table in front of him. The foul blue smoke he and it gave off filling the air and the parties lungs with Arid smoke. "So," he asked, above the deafening sound and music  His mask giving his voice a digital timber and croaking sound to it. "I take it we have a deal?"? "This IS the very place he was last seen,.....after all." Looking around at the ramble of patrons and clamor of a dozen types of humans.abhumans,mutants,cyborgs, and other stranger peoples. All at the entrance to the G.O.D. club and merchants bizarre. Looking around at the chaos, Modelii cocked his head a bit then nodded once looking at his companions.

"Hell of a place to look for someone. The G.O.D C and B is huge. Miles, ,miles high and miles underground as well."

The Cyborg merchant blew again on the hooka. " He wishes not to be found, if one were to wish to remain lost,.....well. I would also choose this place as well."

"Never mind the mutant gangs, body grabbers,and block wars, eh?" Modelii gave a knowing grin. "We will take double the offered price."
"agreed", the half cyborg merchant said. Blowing out more blue smoke.

Laying his hands on the hilts of his twin throwing axes, Modelii asked, "Are you ready to go? Or should we scout and gather more information?" He said regarding the party.

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Tarkahnta Modelii Akata
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Tue 30 May 2017
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The play is the thing
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I say we , check in some of the less savory areas of the G.O.D B&C. Check who is selling what, offering what to one that is trying hard to hide and get away
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Thu 1 Jun 2017
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The play is the thing
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Zu glances up from his slack-jawed appreciation of the merchant's bio-chair.
"Ah. Yes. That sounds like a good idea."
He clips off the last word with an abrupt snap and goes back to studying the interesting bit of tech.