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Sun 4 Jun 2017
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Request To Join
What this game is:
Blades in the Dark is all about scoundrels. PC's are underdogs, scraping their way to survival and - maybe- fortune. In this game, tensions ramp up in the cycle of the score, then are drank, whored, or otherwise viced away during the downtime. As such, this game is going to be rated mature. It's a vicious cycle that has the potential to chew PC's up and spit them out, traumatic wrecks.

What I expect from you:
Blades in the Dark has a quick, fiction-focused resolution engine and works best when players accept that their characters are in for a rough time. I'd like characters that fit into the mold of daring scoundrel. I'd also like posts 3 times/ week, if possible.

What I'm bringing:
I've DM'ed a large number of different games, including 13th Age, Dungeon World, and FATE. I enjoy making stories and challenging players/characters with tricky situations. I expect this game to run more towards the gritty (the Gentleman Bastards is one of my major influences), but final tone is definitely something to be determined with the group once assembled.

1 Experience with Blades in the Dark? No worries if you don't have any.

2 Top two playbook choices (I would prefer one person/ playbook, though different concepts of the same base might be allowable). Character creation will not be completed as a group

3 Probable posting rate

4 An RP sample, using the following prompt:

You've just noticed a spy for the Ministry of Preservation watching you from across the floor of the trading house. What do you do?

Be Aware: Though I'm looking to get us started, I'll be out of town from June 13th to June 18th. The game will take a brief hiatus during that time, but I'll be ready to jump in again on the 19th.

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