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Wed 1 Nov 2017
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Ramien 3 - Settlement - Week 2
After a week of defending and slow expansion, the settlement is becoming a bit more fortified. The captain is still in the clutches of the medicae bay aboard your ship, healing and adjusting to his new implant systems.

The crews morale is ok, not looking forward to dealing with this worlds inhabitants. Some claim to be hearing the whispers of the dead.

Sister Apate is staying to assist the captains recovery.

I need Zacharius to assign roles for who goes where, and if there is anything you'd like to do before you leave let me know.

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Wed 1 Nov 2017
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Ramien 3 - Settlement - Week 2
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

Zacharius gathers the crew in his office. There are reams of notes and diagrams spread across the surface of his desk.

"We must mount another expedition to the canyon, I have calculated that there an a high likelihood the shrine is located somewhere in the cave system."

He picks up his dataslate, tapping it a few times with his finger until he appears to find what he was looking for.

"Now, my plan is this: Sarvus and myself will return to the caves, we will chart our route and thoroughly document the passageways. I plan to eventually use the canyon as the primary settlement on this planet so the area will need to be pacified. Cornelius and Adamus will remain here, the camp is more fortified than it was before which will be beneficial should another dust monster attack. I can have someone brief you two on that encounter so you're prepared if it happens again."

Zacharius leans back in his chair, there is a creaking noise but it isn't coming from his seat.

"We will have to prepare the expedition; first however I must inspect the items you brought back. This shouldn't take too long."

He stands and moves towards the door.

"Sarvus, make your preparations. I will notify you when I am ready. Adamus, Cornelius, don't break anything while I'm gone."

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Adamus Felix
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Fri 3 Nov 2017
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Ramien 3 - Settlement - Week 2
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

With his new "Dodgy Walkabout Cap," which looks suspiciously like an ancient carapace helmet, tucked under one arm, Felix waves farewell to the expedition party, sets a guard on his tent, and trumps over to the teleport beacon.

"Returning to the Wailing Widow to check on the cap'n, if you don't mind."
Malakai Ramirez
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Thu 14 Dec 2017
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Ramien 3 - Settlement - Week 2
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

Malakai pushes the help button and points to the apple sauce.
Malakai Ramirez
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Tue 13 Mar 2018
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Ramien 3 - Settlement - Week 2
In reply to Malakai Ramirez (msg # 4):

Malakai slaps the sister's ass while the other hand slaps his balls. He reels in pain before becoming even more aroused.