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Combat Example
During combat you will get A total of two half actions to spend and a reaction. You can spend both half actions to make a full action, aka Full Auto burst/All Out Attack, or spend a half action to do 2 smaller actions, such as moving and shooting/aiming and shooting.

Here is a combat action sheet for all of you for when you get in sticky situations.
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At the start of combat, I will roll Initiative for each of the characters involved in combat. Initiative is rolled with 1d10+AB


A local smuggler that had squirreled you out of a big deal has been cornered by you! You trapped him in a murkey alleyway deep within the hive planet and you sense that he is not going down without a fight.

Narrator, for the NPC Tutorial Man, rolled 11 using 1d10+4.  Initiative .
Narrator, for the NPC Local Scumbag, rolled 10 using 1d10+2.  Initiative .

With these rolls tutorial man goes first in combat

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Tutorial Man
Wed 7 Jun 2017
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Combat Example
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

Tutorial man decides to keep his finger on the trigger and use a Full Auto Burst on the thief.

Tutorial man has a Ballistic Skill of (45) Full Auto Burst gives him a +20 to hit and grants him a bonus hit with every Degree of Success he gets. When using the dice roller, roll 1d100-20 for Full auto bursts.

Remember you want to roll under your Ballistic Skill/Weapon Skill when attacking!

Tutorial Man, rolled 24 using 1d100-20. 3 hits!

Tutorial man hit and got 2 extra Degrees of Success. Degrees of Success are just how many 10s are between your roll and your skill that you use. In his case, between 45 and 24 there are 2 10s inbetween these two numbers so 2 Degrees of Success

Tutorial Man, rolled 13 using 1d10+3.  Shooting Degenerate Locals.
     Tutorial Man, rolled 40 using 1d100.  Hit Location. Body Hit

Tutorial Man, rolled 10 using 1d10+3.  Shooting Degenerate Locals.
     Tutorial Man, rolled 98 using 1d100.  Hit Location. Left Leg Hit

Tutorial Man, rolled 9 using 1d10+3.  Shooting Degenerate Locals.
     Tutorial Man, rolled 14 using 1d100.  Hit Location. Right Arm Hit
Local Degenerate
Wed 7 Jun 2017
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Combat Example
In reply to Tutorial Man (msg # 2):

Local Degenerate attempts to dodge the spray of fire.

NPC Local Degenerate, rolled 19 using 1d100.  Dodge Autogun. 1 Degree!

Each degree of success on a dodge roll will dodge a hit. The local got 1 degree of success with his roll, the first two rolls that hit him do not count.

Even with his quick movements, his fate is still decided. The force of the attack takes the arm off just below the shoulder, showering blood and gore across the ground. He now only has one functioning arm.

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