(OOC) How the Group knows each other!   Posted by Dungeon Master.Group: 0
Dungeon Master
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Sun 17 May 2020
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(OOC) How the Group knows each other!
Put down your thoughts here. The group has adventured together in the past.
Zilyana Blackbriar
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Sun 17 May 2020
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(OOC) How the Group knows each other!
In reply to Oriana Corvo (msg # 51):

Yep--I think that is the idea. I'll go first:

Zilyana is a Cleric of Shelyn and she considers herself to be an artist (although her family has a history in crime). Zilyana using painting as her focus for her gnomish energies and his always seeking to capture the essence of the people that she meets.

Zilyana is a little socially awkward and definitely not the world's best liar.
Oriana Corvo
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Tue 19 May 2020
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(OOC) How the Group knows each other!
Oriana was "strongly encouraged" to leave her hometown, and territory...Okay so she and the duke really don't like each other is that really her fault? Anyways her husband couldn't leave because he felt as a guard he had his honor and duty on the line. The two agreed they would save up separately and Oriana would keep an eye out for a family home.

She worships Ranginori, not really important just a side note.

She learned to cook to make up for her social anxiety.
Maenwyn Duvainiel
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Tue 19 May 2020
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(OOC) How the Group knows each other!
Most elves love the beauty of nature, some are artists, jewelers, or musicians, but Maenwyn was more fascinated by mechanical things.  This made her an oddity among her people.  She left to study clockwork with the dwarves, and humans.  It has been decades since she left the elf lands.  However, she still has a place in her heart for the more traditional arts of her people.  She admires the beauty of Zilyana's painting, yet it stirs in her melancholy for the home she left behind.

She has no god because her craft is discouraged by the elf gods.