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Wed 21 Feb 2018
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(OOC) New Gear
*Has more gear. If interested let me know. I can come up with a unique item.

Arrows-Armor Piercing
+1 bonus to a target that has armor
20 Arrows, 3 lbs, 20 GP

50% change of wedging into a target once hit
1d6 damage next round
DC Heal Check of 15 to remove
20 Arrows, 3 lbs, 10 GP

Increase the size of arrows
1d8 Damage Shortbow
1d10 Damage Longbow
Lose 10 Feat
20 Arrows, 4 lbs, 15 SP

1d6 Round to remain alight
1d4 Fire
1 Arrow, 15 GP

30' Pounds of weight
50' of Line
20 Arrows, 3 lbs, 4 GP

Bow Stabilizer
Adds 20' to Range
Longbows/Shortbows Only
100 GP, 2 lbs

It has other items I may allow.

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