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Wed 7 Jun 2017
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OOC (Out of Character)
The out of character thread, banter, talk, or whatever!

I'm your host The Ao, who is actually two people co-GMing as two separate Ao's. One of us is known as Ao'va, and the other is known as (insert name here)!

We will be running the game and adjudicating your ACTs, so feel free to ask us questions here if you wish (just be aware that for the game's sake, we may not be able answer all questions asked), or just talk amongst yourselves.

Notice: This is the only thread consistent out of character talking should occur in, and this out of character talking is encouraged!

(Please choose text color for In Character speech for your gods, the two Ao's will speak in Black Bold, type in italics and post OOC with Orange, so do not choose any of these.  When you talk, use quotation marks, and if your gods "think" use italics that are colored your speech color.)

On top of this, also pick an avatar for your god and put at least some description of them in their description section.  You may put as few or as many details as you want, but just make sure you have something before the game begins.

Avatars and descriptions can be changed freely at any time (with good reason), but I like to have something for other gods to look at and get a feel for who your deity is.
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Sun 21 Feb 2021
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OOC (Out of Character)