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Sun 11 Jun 2017
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Character Creation

In this world martial arts reign supreme! Learn ancient techniques to harness the power of the elements and heavens to become the next Asura!

You are new students in the Divine Fate Academy. Here you will learn what powers you have and cultivate them to become more powerful.

Characters are first created using the following rules:

Equipment and other items : Gear thread.

points: 200/-20/ and up to -5 for Quirks. (50pts tied up with mandatory things).

max att 14 (except ST which can be up to 18)

min att 8

max HP +30% of ST

max FP +30% of HT

max AP +50% of HT

Basic speed +2.00/-1.00

Basic move +3/-1

max starting skill level at att +4

Per and Will are separate attributes from IQ.

Per cost 10 per level.

Will cost 10 per level.

Attributes (0)
ST 10   [0]
DX 10   [0]
IQ 10   [0]
HT 10   [0]
Per 10  [0]
Will 10 [0]

Secondary characteristics (0)
HP 25 [0]
FP 10 [0]
AP 10 [0]

Basic Speed 5.00 [0]
Basic Move 5 [0]

Basic Lift 20
Damage: 2d/2d+2

Ground Move 5
Water Move 1

Advantages ()
Imbue 3 (Chi, -10%) [36]
Chi Reserve 2 [6]
Chi Talent 1 [15]

65 points on mundane advantages, attributes, and secondary characteristics or increase Energy Reserve.

A further 20 points on the above, use any leftover points for skills.

Perks ()

Disadvantages (-)
-20 points in Disadvantages that fit your background.

Quirks (-)

Skill ()
Breath Control (H) HT+0 [4]
Meditation (H) Will+0 [4]

Spend 10 points on combat skills.

Pick 8 different skills and spend 1 point on each.

Spend 12 points on the above chosen skills.

Spend another 20 points on the above skills or new skills.

Allowed Advantages:


Absolute Direction -------------------- Fearlessness (1-3)
Absolute Timing ----------------------- Fit
Acute Hearing (1-2) ------------------- Flexibility
Acute Taste and Smell (1-2) ----------- Gizmos (1-2)
Acute Touch (1-2) --------------------- Hard to Kill (1-2)
Acute Vision (1-2) -------------------- Hard to Subdue (1-2)
Alcohol Tolerance --------------------- High Pain Threshold
Ambidexterity* ------------------------ High TL (1)
Appearance (1-2) ---------------------- Lifting ST (1-3)
Charisma (1-2) ------------------------ Luck (1)
Combat Reflexes ----------------------- Night Vision (1-3)
Common Sense -------------------------- Rapid Healing
Cultural Adaptability ----------------- Resistant
Cultural Familiarity ------------------ Striking ST (1-2)
Damage Resistance** (1-4) ------------- Temperature Tolerance (1-2)
Eidetic Memory ------------------------ Versatile

talents need GM permission and are limited to 2 lvls.
everything else needs GM permission.

*price is upped to 10 points and the perk "off-hand training" is gone, and the off handed penalty is only -2 and not -4. Like wise the technique "off-hand training" is an average tech, meaning it cost only 2 points to raise it to max.

**Damage resistance is Tough skin by default, no cost reduction.



Absent-Mindedness --------- Jealousy
Bad Temper ---------------- Lecherousness
Blood-lust ---------------- Missing Digit
Bully --------------------- Mundane Background
Callous ------------------- Nightmares
Charitable ---------------- No Sense of Humor
Chummy -------------------- Oblivious
Clueless ------------------ Odious Personal Habits
Colorblindness ------------ Overconfidence
Combat Paralysis ---------- Overweight
Confused ------------------ Paranoia
Cowardice ----------------- Phantom Voices
Curious ------------------- Phobias
Disciplines of Faith ------ Post-Combat Shakes
Fearfulness --------------- Selfish
Flashbacks ---------------- Selfless
Gluttony ------------------ Skinny
Greed --------------------- Sleepwalker
Gregarious ---------------- Squeamish
Guilt Complex ------------- Stubbornness
Gullibility --------------- Trademark
Hard of Hearing ----------- Truthfulness
Hidebound ----------------- Unfit
Honesty ------------------- Unluckiness
Impulsiveness ------------- Vow
Incurious ----------------- Wealth

Not Recommended:

Acceleration Weakness ----- Laziness
Alcoholism ---------------- Light Sleeper
Appearance ---------------- Loner
Bad Back ------------------ Low Empathy
Bad Grip ------------------ Low Pain Threshold
Bad Sight ----------------- Low Self-Image
Bad Smell ----------------- Low TL
Cannot Speak -------------- Minor Handicaps
Chronic Pain -------------- Miserliness
Code of Honor ------------- Motion Sickness
Compulsive Behavior ------- Night Blindness
Deafness ------------------ No Depth Perception
Delusions ----------------- No Sense of Smell/Taste
Disturbing Voice ---------- Obsession
Easy to Kill -------------- One Arm
Easy to Read -------------- One Eye
Ham-Fisted ---------------- One Hand
Hemophilia ---------------- Pyromania
Incompetence -------------- Secret
Indecisive ---------------- Shyness
Intolerance --------------- Slow Healing
Klutz --------------------- Social Stigma

Everything else is forbidden without GM permission.

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Sun 11 Jun 2017
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Character Creation
Acrobatics (H) DX
Bolas (A) DX
Bow (A) DX
Breath Control (H) HT
Crossbow (E) DX
Fast-Draw (Any) (E) DX
Jumping (E) DX
Knife (E) DX
Lifting (A) HT
One-Handed Axe/Mace (A) DX
One-Handed Flail (H) DX
One-Handed Sword (A) DX
Polearm (A) DX
Running (A) HT
Shield (any) (E) DX
Sling (H) DX
Spear (A) DX
Staff (A) DX
Throwing (A) DX
Thrown Weapon (any) (E) DX
Two-Handed Axe/Mac (A) DX
Two-Handed Flail (H) DX
Two-Handed Sword (A) DX
Unarmed Grappling (A) DX
Unarmed Striking (A) DX
Whip (A) DX

Carpentry (E) IQ
Jeweler/TL 3 (H) IQ
Leatherworking (E) DX
Masonry (E) IQ
Sewing/TL 3 (E) DX
Smith/TL 3 (any) (A) IQ
Architecture/TL 3 (A) IQ
Engineer/TL 3 (any) (H) IQ
Pharmacy/TL 3 (any) (H) IQ

Diagnosis/TL 3 (H) IQ
Esoteric Medicine (H) Per
First Aid/TL 3 (E) IQ
Physician/TL 3 (H) IQ
Poisons/TL 3 (H) IQ
Surgery/TL 3 (VH) IQ
Veterinary/TL 3 (H) IQ

Armoury/TL 3 (Missiles, Melee, or Armor) (A) IQ
Camouflage (E) IQ
Disguise/TL 3 (A) IQ
Escape (H) DX
Filch (A) DX
Forced Entry (E) DX
Holdout (A) IQ
Interrogation (A) IQ
Leadership (A) IQ
Lockpicking/TL 3 (A) IQ
Observation (A) Per
Pickpocket (H) DX
Poisons/TL 3 (H) IQ
Soldier/TL 3 (A) IQ
Scrounging (E) Per
Shadowing (A) IQ
Sleight of Hand (H) DX
Smuggling (A) IQ
Stealth (A) DX
Strategy (any) (H) IQ
Streetwise (A) IQ
Tactics (H) IQ
Traps/TL 3 (A) IQ
Urban Survival (A) Per

Alchemy/TL 3 (VH) IQ
Biology/TL 3 (any) (VH) IQ
Geology/TL 3 (H) IQ
Metallurgy/TL 3 (H) IQ
Naturalist (H) IQ

Area Knowledge (any) (E) IQ
Camouflage (E) IQ
Cartography (A) IQ
Climbing (A) DX
Cooking (A) IQ
Fishing (E) Per
Hiking (A) HT
Knot-Tying (E) DX
Housekeeping (E) IQ
Naturalist (H) IQ
Navigation/TL 3 (any) (A) IQ
Prospecting/TL 3 (A) IQ
Survival (any) (A) Per
Swimming (E) HT
Tracking (A) Per
Weather Sense (A) IQ

Acting (A) IQ
Administration (A) IQ
Archaeology (H) IQ
Artist (H) IQ
Body Language (A) Per
Carousing (E) HT
Cartography (A) IQ
Connoisseur (any) (A) IQ
Current Affairs/TL 3 (any) (E) IQ
Dancing (A) DX
Detect Lies (H) Per
Diplomacy (H) IQ
Fast-Talk (A) IQ
Finance (H) IQ
Gambling (A) IQ
Geography/TL 3 (H) IQ
Gesture (E) IQ
Heraldry (A) IQ
History (any) (H) IQ
Intimidation (A) Will
Law (any) (H) IQ
Leadership (A) IQ
Literature  (H) IQ
Merchant (A) IQ
Musical Instrument (any) (H) IQ
Panhandling (E) IQ
Performance (A) IQ
Poetry (A) IQ
Politics (A) IQ
Public Speaking (A) IQ
Research/TL 3 (A) IQ
Savoir-Faire (any) (E) IQ
Singing (E) HT
Speed-Reading (A) IQ
Stage Combat (A) DX
Streetwise (A) IQ
Teaching (A) IQ
Theology (any) (H) IQ
Ventriloquism (H) IQ
Writing (A) IQ

Animal Handling (A) IQ
Boating/TL 3 (any) (A) DX
Navigation/TL 3 (any) (A) IQ
Packing (A) IQ
Riding (any) (A) DX
Seamanship/TL 3 (E) IQ
Shiphandling/Tl 3 (any) (H) IQ
Teamster (any) (A) IQ

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Sat 17 Aug 2019
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Character Creation

Spend a total of 50 points on these starting abilites.

Chi Talent +1-3 [15/level]

Chi Talent 1

Chi Talent 2

Chi Talent 3

Chi Talent 4

Sense Chi
Chi Armor
Bones of Iron
Cure Injury
Cure Disease
Instill Fear
Metal Frame
Phoenix Heart
Master at Disarms
Not Without My Weapon
Perfect Recovery
Run and Hit
Two-Weapon Fighting
Two-Weapon Mastery
Botte Segrete
Chandelier Leap
Coup de Jarnac
Bear Hug
Bone Breaker
Epic Smash†
Greater Cleaving Strike†
Terrain Adaptation†
Acrobatic Evade
Flying Lunge†
Great Void
Springing Attack
Ultimate Ramming Speed
Fists of Power
Grand Flying Kick
Master of Lethal Strikes
Rolling Throw
Unarmed Master
Aggressive Defense
Quicksilver Strike

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