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Mon 12 Jun 2017
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RTJ and short briefing.
So, I'm going to be honest about this. This is my first pbp game that I'm GM:ing, although it's not my first time as a GM. While I don't think that should be a problem in anyway, I'm still putting it out there as I'm not that familiar with the use of rpol.

Shortly said the setting is about you (the players) being captured and transported from Dwänholf to Gabriel through Moth. I'm giving liberty on why and how did you end up in the situation you are but the fact is that you ended up being captured and eventually got taken captive by Baron Eiswald who is paying for you transport to Gabriel.

I'm looking to GM for about 4 players and I require at least some experience with Anima from them as I don't really want to start teaching the whole system to new players.
I'm trying to make the game a fun and exciting experience for everyone so I wan't everyone to behave and try to get along. So try not to think that you are competing with other players and don't be an arse.

What do I need to apply for the game?
So, first thing what you need is to do a rough build of your character and post it to me. It doesn't have to be 100% complete as I know there might be thing or two that you might wan't to discuss about.
I would prefer to have the build done in http://jmbowman.github.io/anima-character-generator/
This way I have easier time to check it's done correctly but I'm okay with other methods for submitting your more finished builds.

Secondly, a short (or long) backstory for you character. What did he do before and how did he end up in the situation he is in?

The third. Tell me shortly of your experience with Anima system. You don't need to be adept with the lore but being familiar with the system helps a lot.

While I'm ok with doing optimized builds, don't try to cheese it. I'm not looking for players doing OP minmax builds that try to use loop holes or dirty tricks. I'm fairly familier with things you can do with the system so I can spot most of them mile away. That does not cover your ass though if you somehow manage to slip it by me only for me to notice later on.

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