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Tue 13 Mar 2018
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Clues and Leads
As previously discussed this is a thread where I'll include all the possible clues and leads you uncover, I'll break it down by city for convenience.

Some of these might be red herrings and some will be key pieces of information - the trick is working out which is which!
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Tue 13 Mar 2018
at 21:38
Durward Street, Whitechapel - The address of the boarding house where you found the unfortunate Matthew Pook and witnessed his change into something else. If there were further secrets to be found here then the opportunity has passed.

Menkaph - The man who brought the Blood Red Fez to London for a "mysterious purpose". Little known about him other than he seems to have a number of minions and is likely responsible for the death of the student, Matthew Pook. He is a passenger on the Orient Express with you and appears to be making no effort to conceal his identity.

The Whispering Fez - A tome which apparently contains further details of the Blood Red Fez though is so rare even the British Museum did not have a copy.

Blithering Lane, Rotherhithe - An address detailed in Matthew Pook's journal. Apparently a fez collector lives there and Mr Pook noted that Menkaph appears to have been interested in the place. If there were further secrets to be found here then the opportunity has passed.

Strange Man - When you visited Mr Pook's lodgings you noted a short, fat man in a suit and hat watching the property. He seems to have gone in after you but you know nothing else about him. It is surely no coincidence that he then accompanied you to the Orient Express and seems to be acquainted with Menkaph himself!

The Blood Red Fez - You currently have in your possession the vile artefact itself, what secrets might that hold.

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