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These are the current PCs.

Professor Harold Worth - British Professor, Age 40

Prof Worth is a scholarly archaeologist now settled in London and teaching at the University having spent much of his twenties and thirties in the field. His main expertise is the Middle East and he has done noted work on the early kingdoms of Cappadocia, Kurdistan and Persia. In addition he has a side interest in the occult and especially early cults.

He knows Professor Smith as they both work at the University and have collaborated on a number of articles. In addition they are both members in good standing of the Oriental Club.

Prof Worth knows Dr Polat from previous research collaborations. He knows Captain Barrington from the Oriental Club and is loosely acquainted with Dr Saroch for the same reason. He has met George Banks through Professor Smith and has sought his assistance before. There is also a scurrilous rumour in certain circles that George is Prof Worth's illegitimate son. This is something Prof Work strenuously denies.

Captain Roderick Barrington - British Military Officer, Age 33

Captain Barrington is the youngest son of minor nobility who entered into military service at a young age. He saw distinguished service across the Empire including most recently in Afghanistan where what he saw left him with an open mind as to occult strangeness. He is currently on leave and awaiting his next posting.

He knows Professor Smith through their shared membership in the Oriental Club.

Capt Barrington knows Prof Worth and Dr Saroch through the Oriental Club. He met Amelia in Afghanistan and has maintained correspondence with her.

George Banks - British Criminal, Age 20

George is a young man from London's underclass. Whilst he is bright there were very few opportunities for a young man with his background and he fell into a criminal lifestyle. He is a 'snakesman' - an expert in infiltrating locked buildings and areas to then let in the rest of the gang. There is no chance of mistaking him for anything other than what he is - a grown up street urchin.

George met Professor Smith when he once attempted to burgle Smith's home. The Professor caught him and let him off on the basis that George would try to better himself. Since that they have maintained a loose acquaintance.

George knows Prof Worth through Smith. He assisted Prof Worth on one occasion when he was being cheated by a fellow academic. For his part George knows nothing of his parentage - he was abandoned as a baby.

Amelia Meadowcroft - British Dilettante, Age 27

Amelia is the daughter of the famed explorer, Sir Meredith Meadowcroft. She grew up unconventionally moving around the world with her father and has lived an adventurous life denied to the vast majority of women in her time and station. She has been returned to London in the hopes that she will find a husband. Quite the desirable wife with a private income and impeccable social standing she has so far turned down two suitors in the fear that marriage will tie her to a life of conformity. Her plan is to depart for foreign climes as soon as decently possible.

Amelia met Professor Smith a few years ago in Bulgaria. She helped him out of a difficult spot when he was mistaken for a spy.

Amelia knows Capt Barrington as they met in Afghanistan and have since maintained contact through letters.

Dr Kasim Polat - Turkish Antiquarian, Age 31

Dr Polat is a young Ottoman historian beginning to make his name academically with a series of articles on the early Ottoman Empire. He is married with two young children back home in Bursa, Northwest Turkey. Dr Polat is currently attending a conference in London though looking forward to returning home.

Dr Polat knows Professor Smith as they have worked together whilst the Professor was in Turkey. Dr Polat has spent some time with Smith socially whilst he has been in London.

Dr Polat knows Prof Worth as a colleague and a fellow expert in the same kind of areas. They have worked together previously.

Dr Jean-Louis Saroch - French Doctor, Age 50

Dr Saroch is a doctor of medicine. He has lived for several years in the Middle East, primarily Egypt, before moving to England to tutor medicine at St Bartholomew's Teaching Medicine.

Dr Saroch knows Professor Smith from their shared membership of the Oriental Club. He has previously assisted Smith when he came down with a strange malady after an expedition.

Dr Saroch knows Prof Worth and Capt Barrington from the Oriental Club.

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A list of key NPCs you've met or know about.

Professor Julius Arthur Smith

Professor Smith is known to all of the characters though for different reasons. He has only recently been made a Professor - a considerable achievement at only 29 - and works for the City and Guilds College of the University of London. The current focus of his research is anthropological history and literature but he has always been interested in the occult.

He has travelled extensively across Europe but more recently has toured the East - summering in 1889 and 1892 in Constantinople. He has now announced that he will stay in London to concentrate on regular study and rumours abound that something happened to dissuade him from further travel. If it did then he isn't speaking about it.

A member of many associations and societies his firm favourite is London's Oriental Club and he spends most of his evenings there. An avowed bachelor he lives alone in a fine St John's Wood townhouse which was left to him by his family.