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House Rules, Character Creation and RTJ
A thread for the mechanics of how things are going to work.

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House Rules

This game is going to be Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. I'm going to initially run the 'Blood Red Fez' adventure which is a prequel to Horror on the Orient Express. My intention would be that when this adventure is complete then new characters (hopefully with links to the original characters) would be created to go straight into the main event.

The Blood Red Fez begins in London in 1893 and the entirety of this adventure will take place in that time period. When it moves onto 'Horror' then the year jumps to 1923 so the vast majority of the game will be set then.

The game begins with all the characters receiving a mysterious message from their old acquaintance Professor Julius Smith asking them to attend him at a Whitechapel address.

Posting Rate

Just so it's clear right at the start I would wish to highlight that I don't have a very high posting rate. My carefree student days are now long behind me *sigh* and so I can only really post a couple of times a week. I obviously have no objection if players want to post more frequently than that (for IC or OOC discussion) but I rarely do. I know that's a little slow for some players which is why I wanted to make it clear right at the start.

What I would say, however, is that I am in this for the long haul. I may not post that quick but I'm committed. At the time of writing I run one other game here on RPOL and it's now been going for just over a year.

Posting Format

In terms of posting for the sake of uniformity best to keep it all third person though I'm easy on the tenses.

If doing something which requires a dice roll feel free to set it out in your post, do the dice roll and then include the roll at the bottom in orange along with any other OOC information.

Obviously if it's a clear failure you can work the result of that into the post and, similarly, set out if you intend to push the roll.

Historical Accuracy

With this game I'll always try and aim for a certain level of historical accuracy but I'm not beholden to it and I wouldn't expect players to do so either. My attempts to ensure things are roughly accurate will extend to Wikipedia and a quick Google so don't be surprised if there's the occasional error - we'll just play through.


This game (and Horror when we get there) start in London and then move on through Europe so there isn't going to be a lot of use for US Dollars. However, for the sake of simplicity when looking at money and the cost of anything I'll use the figures as set out in the Rulebook for the 1920s in dollars.

When posting refer to pounds, shillings and pence (or francs, or lira etc.) but for the figures we'll stick with the Rulebook. I don't anticipate this coming up very often (at least one of the characters should be wealthy enough to cover most standard expenses and you have a well-off patron) but in case it does.

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Character Creation
At least for the start of the game all players will take on one of the characters currently listed in the (unoriginally named) 'characters' thread. These characters all have a connection to Professor Smith and some links to each other to make it easier to get things going.

Once characters have been allocated I'm quite happy for players to prepare character sheets so the characters are built to your preferences within the (pretty broad) parameters set in the descriptions. Alternatively pre-generated character sheets are available.

If going for a more bespoke character build then use the 'Point Buy' method from page 48 of the rulebook (460 points divided between the eight attributes). With the backstory elements I'm happy for you to pick preferred options from the tables rather than randomly generate them.

In the (likely) event that one or more characters meet an untimely demise (or end up permanent guests of the local asylum) then there will be much more freedom with preparing replacement characters.

The intention is that once this preliminary adventure is over then the new characters prepared for the main event will be associates, descendants or even older versions of these original characters. Again, there will be much more free reign with the design of those characters.

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When sending a RTJ please identify which of the pre-existing characters you would prefer to play and also, as a back-up, your second preference.

If you could then just write a brief explanation of why that character is your preferred choice and how you would intend to play them. If you could also give an indication of it you would be wanting to stat the character up yourself or use the pre-gen (it doesn't make much different, just so I know).

If you're one of the accepted players I can't guarantee that you'll get one of the preferred characters but I'll try.

Obviously there's no need to send any character ideas as, at least to start things off, everyone will be playing one of the pre-existing characters.