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Tue 20 Jun 2017
at 20:55
Welcome to the Tribe! If you're reading this, you've asked to be included here after I sent out my invites. I am using this forum as a way to playtest a bit of the Tribe before I go to print; any and all comments are welcome.

A few rules:
*Please do not step on other characters' coolness. If Joe Bob says he is going to use his awesome gun skills to ruin a pack of enemies' days, it's not cool to post something that steals his thunder. Everybody has their own niche, as established by the fiction and the characters. A Tribal Family functions on solidarity, and so should you.

*Don't be afraid to get your character into bad spots, make bad decisions, take unneeded risks, or even get killed. Good stories sometimes have rough parts or even bad endings. As long as you look good along the way.

*Roll your dice with the provided online dice roller. Don't cheat. Cheaters are banned.

*Please read enough of the rulebook to be basically familiar with the world. The rules, I can teach you.

*When I am posting as Grandfather, I am speaking as the MC. If I put a name in brackets like [this] it is that NPC speaking. If I put something in brackets like <this> it is game info you might need, like rules or move text.

*When you have triggered a move, if it has choices the player makes, you may define those choices however you want. I have veto power. For instance, if a a move tells you to gain Pull on someone, you get to decide who that is. Tell me it's one of my bad guys, and I'll tell you no.

*Enjoy the game. I know I plan on it.