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GM Guidelines
Commitment expectation:

One post minimum per player per 24 hour period.  If you are taking a hiatus for any reason, let me know and I will do my best to hold a spot for you to return.  If a player goes 7 consecutive days without posting, they will be considered inactive by the GM and replaced by a player on the waitlist.  Habitual failure to post regularly can also me to consider you inactive, Don't post fewer than 6 times per week to be safe.

House Rules:

 1. Stick to the basic races in the Core Rulebook, unless you have a good reason and talk to me about it first.

2. All PC's are Members of the RHC unless they run a Vigilante as their favored Character Class (see Ultimate Intrigue).

3. Other than the "Zeigeist Player's Guide" and "Fire as She Bears" by FGG, don't use anything published by a third party; besides those two exceptions, stick to Official Pathfinder Books for all Items, skills, feats, and Classes.

4. I will be substituting the Naval combat rules with "Fire as She Bears" by Frog God Games. Having a copy is not a requirement. Active players will get nessisary resources if they PM me.

5.  It is highly encouraged that prospective players skim the campaign journals and the thread history prior to joining the campaign.  Zeitgiest: Gears of Revolution is story driven campaign that spans a 13 chapter arc.  You will be lost if you aren't at least vaguely familiar with what has already happened, but the party will bring you up to speed if you meet the group halfway.

6.  During character creation, characters will use character themes and receive one free theme feat at first level from the Player's guide to the campaign.  Players are expected to integrate this theme into their backstory.  You can obtain a copy of the player's guide here:

Any questions, please feel free to send me an email message. I look forward to adventuring with you.

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