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Wed 28 Jun 2017
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The World In Which We Live
A little history on the story we are about to embark on...

In the beginning creatures roamed the earth without fear of repercussion. Myths were fact, and the monsters of your nightmares were at your very doorstep.
Humans were always the preyed upon, the weaklings in which we sustained life. Until, humans, became wise.
Starting around the time of the crusades, there was another war being fought. Not a war of religion, but a race war. The Race War, where the creatures of the night were being hunted by the thousands, persecuted, and eventually, thought to have been lost.
But a few survived, and little by little, began rebuilding the races in secret. Vampires, Werewolves, creatures of your wildest dreams living right under the noses of the humans who fought so diligently to rid the world of the monstrosities.
And in the dawn of the new era, the Circle was created. The Circle is a sort of government formed, made up of 5 vampires from across the globe, with the attempt at restoring order to the underground realm.
Now, in modern day London, this is where the story begins.
Beatrice Hollow
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Wed 28 Jun 2017
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The World In Which We Live
The names of those vampires in the circle, all are available to play, except for Beatrice. But bear in mind the locations of these vampires. If you wish to play a vampire not directly linked to London I can make a thread of this Vampire's home and you can convene there.

The Circle:

Beatrice Hollow : London

Alric Van Weiss: Germany

James Archer: U.S.A

Isabella Xia Villanueva : Spain

Yueliang Zhao : China
Beatrice Hollow
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Wed 28 Jun 2017
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The World In Which We Live
As there were some questions about the world in which this take place, I described it and I will past it here.So, I don't mind really any creatures, think Harry Potter universe as far as that goes, within reason. For example, mermaid would be extremely difficult, as you would need different accommodations, or powers to make it possible for you to be around all of the action. So I will accept really anything, as long as it can fit with the story well, and the backstory is detailed enough to make your character work for the story we are telling

As far as being OP, I will kind of guide the conversations as best I can, there are a few points in the story that I want to hit, other than that it is going to be whatever you want it to be within reason. In my mind I have this story, but I have only gone so far with it. But I will let the players know before it goes completely freeform.

I want it to be action, drama, suspense. I want it to be a sort of "All the rumors you heard were true" kind of thing. I want it to start with the idea of a war with out of control werewolves impending, but then it can kind of go anyway after that.
1. Being a part of the circle is not mandatory. Ideally, I would like as many of those characters to be taken, but I assume that people like creating their own characters. I also am writing in the character creation later, that I want all characters to start out on Beatrice's guard mostly. Unless, the direction you have for your character contradicts that entirely. I will explain that in the story line later today.
2. The date we are starting out in is December of 2017, so its quite modern. As I will write each vampire kind of has the aura of the time period that they hail from. Beatrice for example gives off a very victorian vibe, but modern. So and almost nu goth elegance. Or let's say your character was turned in the 1970's, he or she may give off the vibe of the times. So, long story short, it's modern, but there will be elements of history that will give it a timeless, almost dystopian feel. As vampires and creatures live in a different world almost.
3.Yes, magic is real. If you do have magic, I do prefer a more Harry Potter styled magic, but any is okay, it's all very similar. The only stipulation that I have is you can't be all powerful. I am editing the character sheet today, because I want to know powers and weaknesses.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to PM me.It may take an hour or two for me to get back to you, because I have family in town, but over the course of the next week I will post at least a few times in 24hrs' time.