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Wed 28 Jun 2017
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The Weeping Angel
The Weeping Angel is a nightclub in London that Beatrice owns. Underneath the club is her home. The outside of the nightclub are statues of weeping angels (similar to Doctor Who, if you would like a visual) and the inside is very "nu goth" This is where the beginning of our story takes place.
We are on the verge of a world war with the werewolves. There has been an uproar of strange eating habits for them , and suspicions within the human world are running high. Strange death are beginning to appear on the news, and it is just hours before a meeting of the Circle is to take place.

**Just note: If you are a werewolf, you can decide whether or not to be an ally, but I would suggest being one in a way. As, it would be incredibly awkward for a creature we are about to go to war with was in the night club, if they weren't an ally. Once I obtain some players, then we can begin the story.