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Character Creation
Hi there! I will use Beatrice's bio as a template for the RTJ.



AGE WHEN TURNED (If applicable): 17. TURNED APRIL 2ND, 1859

AGE: 175. BORN JULY 28TH, 1842.

APPEARANCE: Beatrice was turned at a young age, only 17, so her looks remained very childlike and angelic, which she uses to her advantage. Her hair is a soft blond, and her eyes when feeding are a almost crystalline blue, otherwise they are a more sky blue. Her long hair goes down towards her bottom, and she has a very small, slight figure. Her skin is a porcelain white, almost translucent.

HISTORY: Beatrice was born on July 28th, 1842 to two adoring parents. She was born in London where she remains to this day. When she was seventeen she attended the coming out party of a friend of hers, and met a charming man. The rest is slightly unclear, but she awoke three days after her memory went misty, and was human no longer. She spent many years rising through the ranks, and now is a key member of the Circle.

POWERS: She can feel auras, and sense presence, so it is very difficult to catch her off guard.



Now, I have no problem with any mythical creatures, but I would like this story to center mostly around vampires, and werewolves, etc. So just bear that in mind when creating a character.
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Character Creation

I was also keen on having a rogue vampire, or a rogue some type of creature, non-human, to play my opposite with a history. Nothing romantic in the past or anything, just like a history of crossing paths and now he (presumably?) shows up to help with the impending war. I just wanted some thoughts.
Whenever I wrote a part of this story down, there was a character like that where we had gotten into some type of altercation, had previously been friends, and then all of the sudden we crossed paths again.

Give me your thoughts, I am always open to suggestions and constructive criticism!

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Character Creation
NAME: Araham Nightlord
RACE: Vampire-Demon
AGE: ???

Appearance: He has white skin, and black hair, eyes, and lips. His clothing is made of ruby, and warps at the sight.

History: Araham is an ancient demon, whose true name Noctadoman is a latin trandlation from ancient demon means Nightlord. He adopted the name Araham when he chose to live throughout 60 lives from 500 AD- 1850 AD, as many young deceased boys named Araham.

This vampire-demon has only been a vampire 15 times, from 1600-1850s. His current life is purposed to work with the council as a high level noble... though he has no true loyalties and cannot remember how he came to be. Currently he has powerful, yet unbelievably cruel necromancy abilties. He urges for things to go back to when he was young, because he had so much power then.... so much vast power.

The Council calls him by anthing but Noctadoman, as anyone who calls him that would die, either from his hands, or the sheer power in that name...

Araham does not decide much of what he lives, but his demonic essence constatnly revives him... he is slowly losing all form of humanity.
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Character Creation
Name: Michael Martin (Original  name: Reynald Of House Barton)

Race: Human-Demon

When turned: 14 June 1257

Born: 14 june 1239

Appearance: Michael sports brown hair and black eyes. He has a tall, athletic build. His body has several tatoos, All of which are connected with his condition. Hanging from a crod around his neck are an amulet with the symbol of the Arcanii and a small vial.
Although Michael was turned at a very young age, the pain and cruelty he had to endure give him a more mature look, making him look like he is in his mid-twenties

History: A proud heir to the House of Barton, Reynald was his father's bannerman during the  Great hunt of the vampires. His life changed, however, when he started seeing a particularly striking young woman. Months later, full of horror, he realised that the woman had in fact been a vampire trying to evade execution. His father executed her and  banished Reynald from the Family, sending him away to join the Order of the Arkanii in order to redeem himself. After the destruction of the order of the Arkanii during 1960, Reynald, being the only survivng member, decided to make an effort to re-enter society and leave the past behind him. He changed his name, and settled in London

The recent events changed all of that. Rumors have been going around, Rumors about wolf-men and eaten corpses. Although the average person would ignore these signs, Micahel can understand the truth.  A war is coming. However, the side with which he will find himself fighting is still a mystery.

Additional info: The Arkanii were a group of fanatics devoted to purging all other races exept for humans off of the earth. To achieve that, they used strange dark magic, to merge the souls of their human members with the souls of the Demons of the beyond: Effectively giving them powers beyondd human imagination

Powers: An Arkan's(singular of Arkanii) powers vary considerably, depending on what potions he has applied to himself, as well as the stage in which he is in
Passive mode: This is the normal form of an Arkan. However, even then, the Arkan has several abilities

Inhuman health: An arkan can never be sick, poisoned, or age in any way. Injuries heal significantly faster, but still within a relative norm. An Arkan has greater stamina, strength and reflexes than most, if not all humans, although, these too come within a regular norm

Runes: Although mostly inactive during this stage, the runes tatooed on the skin mask the presene of the demon. Novice aura readers perceive Michael as a normal human, and experiened ones only sense that something is wrong, but cannot quite understand what it is.

Another, more notable effect of the runes is the Arkan's ability to use ordinary weapons against nonhumans. This means that even a simple Kitchen knife in the hands of the Arkan can and will damage all nonhumans.

Active: Usually triggered when the Arkan is under duress, or if he consumes demon's blood, a special potion prepared in advance.
In this stage, the Arkan's eyes begin glowing slightly. The effects of the runes are amplified, causing all weapons to be more damaging(even more so if they were speccialy designed for anti-nonhuman use) and the effects of the Arkan's inhuman health will also be significantly boosted. This is often as far as Arkans ever go.

Enraged: Very rarely triggered when under extreme duress, otherwise   Caused  when the Arkan takes two doses of demon's blood in quick succesion.  During this the Runes and eyes of the Arkan will glow a bright red or bright orange. The effects of the active state are massively amplified in this stage, with Arkanii beeing able to survive extreme damage and deal extreme damage.

Transcended: A merging of the demon's and the Human's bodies, the result is an abhorrent abomination. This is all that is currently known about this state.

Strengths:Tinker: Michael is good with things. He can repair and operate a large selection of machines and weaponry

Prepper: Michael knows the importance of being prepared. He will never go on a mission without making sure he is stocked up on potions and weaponry.

Veteran: Michael has been an Arkan for almost 500 years. It is much easier for him to switch forms effectively.

Weaknesses:Bouts of anger- Years of rage and fighting have left their mark one Michael- He has a hair trigger and will often get angry very easily.

An eye for pretty things- Michael has a soft spot for pretty things. Will attempt to avoid violence towards women, as well as be more trusting and generally opened up

The Arkan's weakness- The magic aura emanating from the runes of an Arkan can be reverse-engineered by  skilled mesmers, charmers, and aura-readers, and give them free access into the Arkan's mind.  In order for this to happen, the Arkan must be relatively relaxed. The caster need only approach and make contact against a specific area of the Arkan's body(specifically: the middle of the chest, where the "gate" rune is. The sides and the back of the neck, where the "mind" rune is, which also extend to the Arkan's face) for a few seconds, and he/she will be able to bypass the Arkan's defenses. If successful, the Arkan will be rendered  at the complete mercy of the caster. He will say any information the caster wishes him to say, and the caster will be able to knock the Arkan unconscious or cause him harm by simply by raising the intensity of the spell. The Arkan may attempt to resist, but this will only be a temporary slowdown, and will usually do more harm than good.

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