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About: The Inspiration

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This rp is loosely based on the book series called Warriors by Erin Hunter. For those who haven't read the series, the story is about different Cat Clans trying to survive. Obviously, we're not roleplaying as cats. Instead, we're roleplaying as people in a clan, trying to survive. We changed the some of the names of the jobs, or as we called them classes, that were in the series (i.e Medicine cat is now Healer). We have also added a Blacksmith because as humans, we fight with weapons (sometimes those weapons being our own hands).

About: Time Period

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There is no real set time period in which this rp will be set, but we think that we have some things that would be fitting to the Medieval time period (such as the weapons they used) and Native American culture (tribes/clans, hunting, and fishing, keeping the land the way it has been).

About: Warrior Names

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In the series, the Leader of the clans gave the newfound Warriors new names. Some of those names being Blue Star, Tiger Claw, and Fire Paw. We are keeping the concept of the Leader picking the names for the Warriors (and everyone else except the Apprentices and Kids). You will still have your birth name, but you will go by your Warrior name unless you choose to go by your birth name.

About: Clans

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There are 5 Clans: Iciclis, Umbrus, Oria, Pyra, and Star. Out of the 5, you can only actively play in 2 of the clans because Star Clan is basically what we would call Heaven, and Oria and Pyra are NPC clans.

The Iciclis Clan is a clan that lives in the Tundra. They thrive in the winter and cold times, whereas the other clans would struggle to survive here. They trade fish and furs with the other clans.

The Umbrus Clan is a clan that resides in the forest. People in the Umbrus clan are more adept to hunting at night and seeing in the dark. They are also quite stealthy, keeping to the shadows when danger is near. They trade berries and herbs found in their forest with the other clans.

The Oria Clan is a clan that dwells in the mountains. They mine in their mountains to make great weapons for their people. They have gotten so used to being in the mountains that they can feel vibrations of oncoming attackers and travelers. They trade their ores with the other clans.

The Pyra Clan is a clan that occupies the plains. They are well known for their smoked meats. They trade the meats with the other clans.

About: Class

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Leader: Sets the Code of the Clan rules, Command the Warriors, Order Hunting Parties, Choose Warrior names, Assigning Mentors to Apprentices, and Exiling traitors. GM will play as the Leaders.

Deputy: Second in Command to Leader. Assigns hunting parties, suggests an Apprentice become a Warrior, Makes sure the Code rules are being followed. Becomes new Leader after current Leader dies/becomes Elder. Only one Deputy allowed per Clan.

Warrior: Fighters for the clan and also will go hunting for the clan. Around 5 or so per Clan.

Blacksmith: Weapon maker for the clan. Only one per clan.

Healer: Heals the wounded Warriors. Only one per clan. Cannot have children.

Queen: Someone who is bearing a child, or had a child and can no longer fight. They were Warriors, Deputies, Leaders, or Blacksmiths before having a child.

Apprentice: Warriors, Blacksmith, or Healer in training.

Kid: Children who can become Apprentices when older.

About: Weapons

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Iciclis Clan: Commonly uses Spears for fighting and hunting, but may also use one handed swords and javelins. Dislikes using heavy weapons like Warhammers and Maces.

Umbrus Clan: Commonly uses Bow and Arrows for fighting and hunting, but may also use Daggers and Throwing Stars. Dislikes using Warhammers, swords, and spears.

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