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Archetypes from the Core Rules
Dragon Warrior
The dwarves of Aysle were nearly exterminated by Uthorian’s dark forces. The few who remain carry the bitterness and rage of a dying people, and the martial prowess to do something about it. The champions of dwarven-kind, the best of the best, wear special armor to protect and avenge their people.

Dragon Warrior armor is the ultimate expression of your people’s magic and ingenuity. Each suit is unique, painstakingly forged from rare metals, inscribed with runes, and loaded with advanced weapons and gadgets. The dwarves consider dragons embodiments  of rage and power, so it’s no accident these suits are  stylized with draconic images and symbols.

Elven Warden
Wardens are Ayslish hunters and guardians who haunt the woods like ghosts, striking at enemies of the elves with stealth and guile. The longbow and green cloak are signatures of the wardens, as are the white wolves many keep as companions.

Unstoppable Cop
Even before the High Lords invaded, Core Earth had heroes capable of amazing feats. Some consistently found trouble battling groups of criminals, mercenaries, or psychos. You were one of those heroes, and dispatching small armies of bad guys was just part of your job.

The Possibility Raiders represent a threat on a whole new scale. Gangs, cartels, and even a corrupt conspiracy ring didn’t make you back down, so why quit now? Like your (former) partner said once, you’re unstoppable

Realm Runner
Realm Runners are humans from Earth who have a strong, intuitive grasp of reality. Not just the reality of Core Earth, but the invading cosms as well. Such individuals are supremely adaptable, traveling through the invading realms with relative ease and picking up tools and concepts that cause contradictions with most others. This phenomenon seems unique to Core Earth.

Renegade Priest
Not every preacher in the Cyberpapacy has fallen under Jean Malraux’s sway. Many still believe in a far more benovelent and forgiving deity. These “renegades,“ as the Antipope calls them, resisted his totalitarian regime, faced the Inquisition, and now fight on the streets with the resistance.

Witches come from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems throughout Europe, but some have truly managed to harness the latent Magical Axiom and cast spells far beyond anything Core Earth might have supported.

Such power is a threat to Malraux, who has declared all practitioners of magic “blasphemous.“ You agree, and have decided to use your power to protect the oppressed and topple the tyrannical Antipope.

Of course, a little help from all this modern technology won’t hurt.

Edeinos Optant
The reptilian inhabitants of Takta Ker are fierce and savage warriors. The environment is brutal, filled with carnivorous plants, hostile creatures, and giant carnivores. The edeinos see no contradiction in bringing death to their foes in the name of Lanala, the goddess of life. Death begets life. Decay seeds the soil which brings forth new growth. Optants are priests who embody Lanala’s way, known as “Keta Kalles.“Most optants remain loyal to Baruk Kaah, but some believe the High Lord has actually abandoned Keta Kalles, and Lanala’s faithful must now rise against him

Primitive Hunter
Humans transformed to the reality of the Living Land don’t become Neanderthals as some rumors claim. They remain completely human, but are now perfectly adapted to the harsh physical environment and a low Social Axiom that makes certain thoughts contradictory. Confusing memories of their pre-transformation life remain, but most just don’t make sense anymore.These humans also hear the voice of Lanala and worship her the same way the edeinos do. Worshipers are known as “jakkats,“ followers of the ways of Keta Kalles. Jakkats worship by savoring every sensation life has to offer.

Masked Crusader
A group of mysterious men and women have banded together to end Pharaoh Mobius’s reign of tyranny. These heroes are based in Cairo, but travel across the globe to fight evil. The masks and mystery surrounding them are to protect their loved ones, or to foil Mobius’s secret police. Being a hero is a deadly calling, especially in a world ruled by villains. A few rare crusaders hail from Terra, the home of the invaders, but most are transformed citizens of Core Earth.

Eccentric Inventor
You were brilliant, and perhaps a bit odd, even before the Possibility Wars. After you transformed to fit the pulpy reality of the Nile Empire anything became possible. Immutable laws of physics are now mere guidelines. You push this new freedom to its limits, inventing wondrous electronic devices and then using them against the Possibility Raiders.

The Monster Hunter
You are a Victorian, and your world, Gaea, is caught in the grip of the Gaunt Man’s horrors. You weren’t content to be ruled by terror, and so you fought back. Against all odds you survived, and the various tricks, gadgets, and special weapons you’ve acquired over years of battling evil have evened the odds considerably.

When the Gaunt Man gathered his dark forces to travel through the maelstrom bridges and unleash their fury upon Core Earth, you followed to stalk them, just as you’ve always done.

Relic Raider
Before the Possibility Wars you were interested in archeology, but it wasn’t your career. As the world began to change, the tombs, crypts, and shrines across the planet changed into sources of danger and power. You changed too, and now you’re quick, clever, and bold enough to find the relics hidden within such sites.

The rewards of such expeditions are worth the risk. Some dark places hide information about the Possibility Raiders or the monsters who serve them. Others contain treasures, and the most valuable are artifacts called Eternity Shards—desperately sought by both the Delphi Council and the High Lords.

Electric Samurai
The Electric Samurai are a group of modern-day warriors who follow the ancient code of Bushido, but using ultra-modern weapons and armor. The origins of the movement are muddled, a strange meeting of punk youth culture and the staid descendants of the the original samurai. Membership is by invitation only, and invitations are only extended to those who prove themselves worthy both in and out of battle. Stormers and other foes may wear the same armor or wield similar weapons, but they are not true samurai. It is the duty of the chosen to challenge such pretenders

Hardboiled Detective
Years on the mean streets of Hong Kong have hardened you into a lethal weapon. Transcending into a Storm Knight only heightened your abilities. First and foremost, you investigate crimes. You’ve been trained to follow leads, question witnesses, and uphold law and order. When the bad guys resist arrest, and they always resist arrest, things get violent and your other skills come into play

Resistance Fighter
The Race are humans native to Tharkold. They have struggled in servitude to the technodemons who have ruled there for centuries. The resistance has been around in various forms since the Race was subjugated, but the power and reach of the technodemons limited its accomplishments to mere survival—until now. Tharkold’s ill-fated attack on Core Earth created an opportunity, and now the beleaguered members of the resistance are seizing the moment and making the most of it.

The Scrapper
When the Russians hit the Tharkold maelstrom bridge with a nuclear weapon, the fallout was devastating for both sides. Hardy humans now scavenge the vast, irradiated Blasted Land, searching for useful bits of technodemon machinery to salvage, sell, or use.

You were once a soldier in the Russian army, but the horror of the Battle of Moscow and the crushing disappointment of the government’s cooperation with the demons after the battle put an end to those days.
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Living Land Archetypes
The Hockey Enforcer
Strength 11, Mind 6, Melee Weapons +3, Intimidation +2
You were always the team's enforcer, the one who protected everyone else and brought the pain to anyone who tried to harm you or your teammates. You do the same on the battlefields of the Living Land. You're more than a brute, you're the beating heart of the team, and surprisingly persuasive when the chips are down.

The Renewed Nun
Early in life you chose to join a convent and become a nun. You lived a life of faith and service for many years, but eventually became disillusioned with the church, lost your faith, and returned to the secular world. You wandered aimlessly, fell in with a rough crowd, and drifted into a sinful, violent life.

When the invaders came everything changed. Faced with imminent death, you reached out for your long-abandoned faith—and your prayer was answered with a miracle. You understood how God's path for you had made you a powerful weapon against the High Lords, and donned your old habit and embraced the vows you had once abandonned.

The Medicine Walker
You grew up on your tribe’s Native American reservation. You listened to the elders of your people and learned the traditions passed down from generation to generation. You committed to carrying on the traditions of your people as a spiritual leader and healer long before the Possibility Wars.

After the invasion, the voices of the spirits became stronger, and the Earth itself seemed to be crying out in agony. You made the difficult choice to leave your home and join the others desperately battling the invaders.

The Dinosaur Hunter
You spent most of your adult life in the wild, learning to live off the land and to understand the ways of nature. You became a sought-after safari guide for the rich and powerful. You did not enjoy exploiting the true sport of hunting as a career baby-sitting the one-percent, but it was the best way to hone your skills and explore exotic locations around the world

The Royal Mountie
You always knew you wanted to serve something greater than yourself, and that dedication led you to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Technically you aren't mounted, and only symbolically connected to anything royal, but you appreciate the history and accomplishments of the organization.

You learned a lot about yourself—and how to lead—and served with distinction. In every posting, you had a knack for getting along with people, for keeping situations from escalating out of control, and for talking down dangerous criminals before they did anything stupid.

The Gang Soldier
You grew up in Brooklyn. Before the invasion a lot of people called you "no good." Back then, maybe you even agreed with them. You learned how to survive in the harsh reality of the urban jungle, and then one day it became a literal jungle.

After that, your gang clung to hidden refuges, little pockets of the old world that somehow remained intact in a changed city. The rest of your crew were picked off one by one, until only you remained. When a team of Storm Knights from the Delphi Council came through you joined up, looking for an opportunity to take the fight back to the enemy.

The Edeinos Brute
Life was simple when you were young. Your tribe survived in the deep forests of Takta Ker. Then came the invasion of Core Earth. The High Lord’s priests came looking for warriors to send against the humans defending their homeland. You were, after all, part of the Redjaw clan.

Your tribe resisted and was obliterated. You were one of the few survivors. You volunteered to cross the maelstrom bridge and fight for Baruk Kaah, but deserted at the first opportunity.

The Primitive Warrior
You always felt like you were born into the wrong time. Your temper was a little too short for the modern world, and your strength and stature just meant seats were uncomfortable and you could only find low paying jobs.

When the Living Land invaded and your transformation occurred, you felt more free and alive than you had in your entire life. This was natural, and this was right—for you. You embraced the new reality and thrived in it as few others could.

The Edeinos Outsider
Because you were born an albino, the elders of your village declared you were one of the “Chosen of Bones,” selected by the Goddess to face far deadlier challenges to your survival than other edeinos. You were cast out of your tribe and learned on your own the ways of a hunter and warrior. You watched over your tribe from afar, protecting your people from threats they never even knew existed.

When the tribe marched on Core Earth you followed, and what you saw sickened you. Your own people have lost their way and must be stopped.

The Edeinos Wanderer
Life was simple back in Takta Ker. You were an edeinos like any other, loyal to your tribe and your clan. But as you spent time in Core Earth the ambition and cruelty of Baruk Kaah and his allies became clear to you.

You spent your spare time studying the dead things around you, and the strange ways of the humans. The more you learned, the more your fascination increased and the worse you felt about the invasion. You finally broke away during a raid deep into human territory, and committed yourself to joining their cause against the High Lords.

The Embedded Journalist
You've been to some of the most dangerous places in the world in pursuit of the truth. You've learned alot from all the military, police, and criminals that you were placed with. When the High Lords came, at first you thought this was just another war to cover from the front lines. When you saw the truth first hand you realized the stakes, and knew that you had an important role to play.

You aren't a neutral observer—you're a participant in this story. The High Lords don't follow any rules or conventions, so you're under no obligation to remain separate from the action. What you're doing is closer to propaganda than reporting, but you keep things honest and keep focused on the fact that you're fighting for the reality of billions.

The Cartel Assassin
Before the Possibility Wars you had a particularly nasty job. You worked for the cartels, silencing those who opposed them...permanently. Every hit took another piece of your soul, but that was just how the world worked. You were smart with your money and retired young, and left the life and your weapons behind.

When the maelstrom bridges landed your worldview turned on its head. You saw that reality wasn't fixed, and the strong-willed could make it worse—or better. Reluctantly you took up arms again, this time for your very world.

The Banished Scout
You step silently and walk in the Deep Mist. Lanala gifted you with the shifting skin, which made you one of the best scouts of your clan. These same gifts allowed you to enter the forbidden places of the Redjaw Gotaks and witness the unspeakable rituals they were enacting.

When you tried to tell the elders of your clan what you'd seen they silenced and banished you. You aren't certain whether they acted out of fear or out of hunger for power. The only way to return to your people is to expose the depth of Baruk Kaah and his Gotaks' corruption.

The Chosen Human
When the Living Land came, you began hearing the awed whispers of Lanala. You were drawn towards the Goddess and began to worship her. Not through spoken prayers, but by feeling. Then one day you finally saw her, and looked at yourself so she could see you.

She came towards you and reached out, and you laid your own hand on your shoulder so she could touch through you. When you lifted your hand it had changed. You had claws like an edeinos. Your eyes have changed color, and now scales grow on a few parts of your body. Your journey with the Goddess has just begun.

The Dinosaur Whisperer
Before the land changed you owned an operated a ranch. You had a particular knack for training horses and managing cattle. After the maelstrom bridges came the predators, and despite your best efforts your ranch proved impossible to defend.

You didn't hate the reptiles who hunted your herds, and quickly began to understand their instincts. You captured and corraled one of the smaller creatures and began the arduous process of taming it. It worked, and perhaps someday you'll be able to do the same with larger dinosaurs.

The Blood Witch
You grew up with tales of Santa Muerte (“Saint Death”) and other folklore, and most people thought your aunt was a witch. You never thought much about such things, but you often went to her with your troubles and enjoyed her muddled stories of the “Old Ways” passed down from the days of your Aztec ancestors.

When the storms came and the world began to end you ran to her. The invaders were believers, and their goddess granted powerful miracles. But so did your aunt's goddess, and she began showing you the ways of true power.

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