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Character reference
Please post your character information here. :)
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 Primped Up Barbaress
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Character reference

Cosm: Aysle (transformed)

Formerly known as Jenny Roussin,  (born July 19, 1992, in Montreal, Québec, Canada), she is a Canadian fitness model, glamour model, and adult model.
On a trip to Sweden, as she was to participate to a convention, she was abducted by the raiding pirates of Uthorion, and became the cruel northmen's toy, who didn't treat her well, nor paid her well either...

She was then sold to pirate merchant, and should have finished in a brothel of sort, if a group of Ayslian Stormknights hadn't assaulted the pirate ship in one of the barbarian islands of Aysle superior. Using the confusion, while she was focred to drink an infatuation elixir, she reached her moment of crisis, turning her into a blonde berserk fury, and escaping with her rescuers.

Now, she uses her new life and old tricks to fight the invaders wherever they are.

Charisma 11
Dexterity 8
Mind 5
Spirit 8
Strength 8

Melee weapons +2
Unarmed Combat +1
Dodge +2
Persuasion +3
Taunt +1
First Aid +1
Reality +1
Stealth +1
Survival +1
Intimidation +1
Beast riding +1
Profession(Model/actress) +1


Equipment :
Two-Handed Sword (Tech 10, +4)
Enchanted Chainmail bikini (Tech 10, Bonus +2, Max DEX 10, Torso)
Make up kit

Usual allure :

and while in disguise in Nile empire or elsewhere..

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Ben Altman
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Character reference
Sargent Ben Altman Sayert Matkal IDF

BThe touch of the far seer was always strong in Ben's family from his mother side. He was not aware of it beside a few tales on how his grandmother managed to elude the SS stormtroopers during the Holocaust. For Ben life were ordinary and when he was eighteen he joined the IDF elite unit of Sayert Matkal. Ben three years of mandatory services were nearly done when the possibility war broke.

During the desperate defensive battle to stave off Mobius forces Ben's moment of crisis came when he chose to help Palestinians refugees to escape from the battle field and not abandoned them to their fate. Two things happened, Ben ascended into a Storm Knight and his latent seer ability manifested.

Since than Ben although technically still in the IDF was transferred for the Shabak (ISrael homeland security branch) and has been working closely with the Delphi council. He has been using his unique skill set to infiltrate deep into the Nile Empire creating a resistance
cells where ever he could and spying and foiling Mobius plans.

Cosm: Core Earth
Axioms: Magic: 9 Social: 23 Spirit: 10 Tech: 23

Charisma - 6
Dexterity - 9
Mind - 9
Spirit - 8
Strength - 8

Dodge +1
Find +1
Fire Combat +3
Stealth +1
Languages (Arabic) +1
Maneuver +1
Precognition +3
Profession (Commando) +2
Reality +1
Unarmed Combat +1
Willpower +1

  • Psychometry (DN10 Axiom 22)
  • Awareness (DN10 Axiom 19)
  • <Placeholder>

Situational Awareness

Stab Vest (Tech 23, Bonus +3, Max DEX: 10, Torso) 200
Combat Knife (Tech 8, Bonus +1, Small) 25
Frag grenades x2 (Tech 20, Damage: 16, Blast: Medium) 100
.45 Colt Automatic (Tech 20 Damage: 14, Ammo 7) 250
Laser sight (Tech 23) 150
Binocular (Tech 19) 30
Flares x3 (Tech 20)
Silencer (Tech 21) 60
Sunglasses (Tech 20) 25
White Mantis
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Character reference
 The White Mantis is a mysterious figure even for a Mystery Man.  This presumably-female hero has been `active' for only a few months, but has already struck some decisive blows against the criminal cartels in Cairo.  From those who have worked with her, she has gained the beginnings of a reputation as proud - sometimes described as arrogant - but brilliant.  Everyone agrees on brilliant.

 Mask Name: White Mantis

 Reality: Nile Empire    Magic 14   Social 20  Spirit 18   Tech 20

 Charisma 8
 Dexterity 6
 Mind 13/15
 Spirit 8
 Strength 5

  Evidence Analysis (1) 14/16
  Find (1) 14/16
  Medicine (1) 14/16
  Persuasion (2) 10
  Profession - Weird Scientist (1) 14/16
  Reality (3) 11
  Scholar (2) 15/17
  Science (3) 16/18
  Trick (1) 14/16
  Willpower (2) 10

 Super Attribute: Mind
   Enhancement: Mind +2
   Major Limitation: Mishap occurs on 1-4

  Crocodile Leather Armor (1500)*
  Binoculars (30)
  Sunglasses (25)
    Built in as special lenses on the goggles of her mask
  Flashlight (10)
    Incorporated into her left sleeve
  Micro Audio Transmitter (100)
  Radio Receiver (50)
    Worked into her headpiece, with the controls (for finding and changing frequencies, etc) as small knobs worked into the material at her collarbone
  Gas Mask (175)
    Built into her mask
  Healing Draught (500)
    The draught is kept in a metal flask inside her costume; there's essentially a straw that goes down from her headpiece to it.  Along with the controls that change the lenses on her goggles is a position that will move the straw to her mouth, letting her drink the potion without having to actually take it out -- basically like one of those ridiculous beer hats, except hers is, you know, ingenious
  Insect Water (100)
    Similarly kept in a metal flask built into the left sleeve, further up from the flashlight, but this tube ends at the wrist.  If she snaps the tip open, the water will pour out in a stream just from gravity, letting her pour out a line of the blessed water
  Force Field Belt (4000)
    Is, of course, built into the inside of the costume - there's a flap she can open if she needs to access the control buckle.
  Ray-Gun (Mind Ray) (2,000)
    Has a place on her right arm; she's reconfigured the usual `pistol' formation to really just the `barrel' - in the case of the Mind Ray, a metal rod holding a crystal array and some intricate wiring, with the trigger mechanism running up to her fingers such that she essentially squeezes her hand just-so to `fire' it.  It has a safety mechanism, also, to disconnect the trigger outside of combat.
  Tracking Device (150)
    Slots into the palm of her right glove, under a flap.  She can remove the flap just by curling her fingers in and moving it out of the way, after which she can attach the tracking device magnetically by just pressing her hand against something suitably metallic for a moment, or shake it out to place more precisely.

  Candles (5)
  First Aid Kit (50)
  Handcuffs (50)
  Hemp Rope, 10 meters (15)
  Flares x2 (40)
  Lighter    (2)
  Notebook   (1)
  Disguise Kit (60)
  Eternium Splinter (500)
  Gizmo Kit (500)
     As parts of her `kit', these do all have custom pockets throughout her costume (multiple pockets, in the case of the kits), but they're not designed for the same ease of access - she has to actually get these things out to use them.

   *- Crocodile Leather: Specially treated with Weird Science Chemicals, this leather armor provides as much protection as a Bulletproof Vest but covers the entire body. Unlike the Bulletproof Vest, it doesn’t Fatigue the wearer but a side effect of the Weird Science Treatment causes the armor to become extremely less pliable when affected by the cold (wearer becomes Vulnerable and Stymied). Where Pulp Powers cause a contradiction, the Armor is treated as Heavy Leather and causes Fatigue when disconnected.
 (Armor: +4, Tech: 15, Max Dex: 8, Price 1500 (16))

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William Bennington
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Character reference
Like most nobles in Victoria, the Benningtons were influential serving under their queen. But what set them apart from others were their thirst for knowledge regarding the ecology and bestiary of Gaia. They have catalogued several beasts and even had a grand Museum along with a prominent zoo. Under the attack of the Gaunt man and his corruption they focused their skills on hunting and combating the horrified dead and corrupted beasts. William Bennington was a skilled hunter and tracker, though not as knowledgeable as the other Benningtons, he had brought several big games and added a sizable collection to the Museum. Married to Catherine, the daughter of a High priest, he lived a contended life. But, Catherine was taken from him by an Elder Vampire lord, who made a mockery of the religious woman by turning her into his minion thirsting for blood. William was not going to give up so he tracked the Vampire lord and tired to take him out with a bullet to the heart but Catherine distracted him and he was ambushed. William was going to die that day or more worse, if not for a group of monster hunter who interjected and fended off the fiendish horde. Catherine and her lord escaped leaving William mortally wounded. The monster hunters rescued him and trained him in their ways. His skills in tracking and hunting augmented their tactics and he started to become a prominent monster hunter. William swore to kill the Vampire lord and Catherine as there was possibly no way to bring her back. He tracked them down only to find out that they had left for another world through the maelstrom bridge. Refusing to give up he followed and ended up in Earth, where Gaunt man was ravaging a new realm. He aided the Victorians already reinforcing the locals and was noticed by the Delphi Council. Later he joined the Council on an assignment hoping to find more news about Catherine in exchange of his service.

Name: William Bennington
Monster Hunter
Home cosm: Orrorsh;  Magic 16   Social 18  Spirit 16   Tech 18

Possibilities -


Charisma - 6
Dexterity - 12
Mind - 7
Spirit - 8
Strength - 7


Reality - 2
Melee Weapons - 1
Science - 2
Willpower - 2
Fire combat - 2
Find - 1
Track - 1
Dodge - 2
Stealth - 1
First aid - 1
Persuasion - 1


Bulletsmith (* Adamant shells, * Explosive shell, * Holy Water shell)
Trademark weapon (Slayer gun)

Gear: Bulletsmith kit, targeting scope, Saber, Monster hide duster, tool belt.
The Revenant
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 What lurks beyond death?
 The Revenant knows...
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Character reference
AKA-Jacob Amer
Home Cosm-Core earth(Transformed to Nile Empire)
-Magic 14   Social 20  Spirit 18   Tech 20



Reality +1
Armed Combat+2
Unarmed Combat+2
Fire Combat+1
Land Vehicles+1

Pulp Power: Regeneration
-Bonus: Heals a wound per scene
-Activating the power inflicts two Shock
-The power cannot be activated if a hero was
KO’ed until after the current encounter

Spirit recalled

Bullet proof vest (450)
Mask (10)
Webbly Pistol(280)
24 Ammo(48)
Brass Knuckles-Built into Webbly grip. (10)
Radio Receiver (50)

Jacob Amer was born in Cairo, the son of an American Serviceman and a local girl. Such things where frowned on, but fundamentalist hard-liners had lost power in modern day Egypt. His father returned to the states, and he and his mother remained. While mocked for his heritage, Jacob was pretty much a normal young man. He served a bit in the Egyptian Military, became a bouncer, and fell in love with a girl like most young men do. She was the daughter of a fairly well known Imam, and he did not approve of his daughter seeing him. However, the father loved his child enough to see how happy she was with Jacob. So, he gave his permission and Jacob was going to purpose in the nightclub they had first met and he worked at.

Of course, this was the same day the reality storm started-and Cairo and its people where transformed. Most of them anyways...but not Rashida. She stayed the same, and Jacob remembered her differently somehow. She was the daughter of the high Priest of Horus. He was a local thug and muscle for the crimelord who owned the nightclub. He father never approved of them being together, so he had stepped aside. Expect she remembered him. She convinced him that something was wrong with the world-and he still loved her.

That was when Doctor Mobius's men attacked. Rashida fought back, and so did Jacob. However, one frag grenade later and Rashida was blown to bits, while Jacob had caught shrapnel in the face. Rashida's father came too late, and was unable to save his little girl. She was too badly damaged. The priest was overcome with rage, and decided that if he could not save his daughter, he would have vengeance another way.

He then proceeded to bring Jacob back...but not as a human being. He was now a Revenant.
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 Chosen of Lanala
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Character reference
Name: Mack
Concept: Human Jakatt
Race: Human
Cosm: Living Land (transformed)
Axioms: Magic 1, Social 7, Spirit 24, Tech 6
Clearance Level: Alpha

Attributes          Movement  10         Dodge           11
 Charisma   6        Run      30         Melee Defense   10
 Dexterity 10                            Unarmed Defense 13
 Mind       6       Toughness 10
 Spirit    10        Armor     2         Shock 10
 Strength   8                            Wounds 3

Combat Skills        Attribute  Adds  Value     Equipment
 Energy Weapons        Dex       +0     10       Hrockt Root Armor (Torso, Spirit 11)
 Fire Combat           Dex       +0     10       Primitive Survival Kit
 Melee Combat          Dex       +0     10       Rawhide Sandals
 Missile Weapons       Dex       +1     11       Rock Bolo (x3)
 Unarmed Combat        Dex       +3     13       Steracalla Bulb
Interaction Skills   Attribute  Adds  Value      Torch (x4)
 Intimidate            Spirit    +1     11       Totem of Lanala
 Maneuver              Dex       +1     11       Trading Gems (Value $100)
 Taunt                 Cha       +0      6       Tribal Markings (Palachi)
 Trick                 Mind      +1      7
Other Skills         Attribute  Adds  Value
 Dodge                 Dex       +1     11
 Faith: Keta Kalles    Spirit    +3     13
 Find                  Mind      +1      7
 Persuasion            Cha       +1      7
 Reality               Spirit    +1     11
 Survival              Mind      +1      7
 Willpower             Spirit    +1     11

Perks: Chosen of Lanala, Death Claw

Weapon                 Axiom   Damage  Ammo    Range (meters)  Notes
 Rock Bolo (missile)     3        9     1       10/20/30       May be used to grapple
 Death Claw (unarmed)    -       11     -       n/a            Armor Piercing 2
 Unarmed (unarmed)       -        8     -       n/a

Black Claw
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 Servant of Lanala
 Awakened by the storm
Mon 28 Jan 2019
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Character reference
Black Claw
Home Cosm-Living Lands



Reality +1
Dodge +2
Melee Weapons +1
Missle Weapons +1
Lockpicking +1
Find +1
First Aid +1
Faith +3
Stealth +2
Survival +1
Tracking +1
Willpower +1

Chameleon Skin
-As long as he does not have excessive armor, all stealth tests are favored.
When using active defense ranged attacks against him are at -2.

-Ward Enemy, Shape Plant, Healing, Commune with animals.

Racial Perk-Claws

Racial flaw-outsider

Bone and root armor (+1, torso)
x6 Rock Bolos (+1, may grapple, range 10/20/30)
Blow Gun (+0, Range 10/20/30)
Beledun Mucus Poison(X2)(1 Shock, KO’ed after 1 minute if Strength fails)
Deep Root(Breath underwater)
Redthorn Whip(+2, Grapple, painful, reach 3 meters)
Sinew Bow (Damage 11, Range 10/30/60)
Quiver with Reshaped plant arrows
Primitive survival kit-Survival is favored.
Totem of Lanala

Black Claw knows the soft skins. He was no friend of Baruk Kaah and his servants, he had planned to avoid the soft skins. However, he remembered...something. He had been sent like the others to drive the soft skins from the new lands. To make their new home in this new world, he fought one of them guarding its world. They fought, fighting back and forth, wounding each other. Even as Black Claw stuck the killing blow, the storm struck them both down.

Suddenly, Black Claw felt the life of this man he had fought. He remembered his life. Living as they lived. No details, just feelings, hazy memories. A life, a mate, children. All gone now, all due to the high lord.

Black Claw knew these where not just creatures to be driven out of their homes. They where not beasts to be pushed aside or used for labor. They felt and thought as his own people did...before Baruk Kaah lead them all astray. Lanala had shown him the truth beyond all the lies of the High Lord. He decided the living land might have taken root in this world, but he could serve Lanala and the soft skins-while defeating Baruk Kaah once and for all.
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Tue 29 Jan 2019
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Character reference
 Name: Marie-Claire Montagne

 Reality: Cyberpapacy    Magic 14   Social 18  Spirit 16   Tech 26

 Charisma 6
 Dexterity 8
 Mind 6
 Spirit 12
 Strength 8

   Dodge (3) 11
   Energy Weapons (3) 11
   Faith (3) 15
   Intimidation (2) 14
   Reality (3) 15
   Willpower (2) 14

   Cyberware: Trigon Integrated Weapon Mount; GWI GodMeeter w/ Laser Sight & Ammunition Types (1800), CSI EyeKill MK IV (2000), Belleview Low-Light MK II (1000), HardPlas LifeLock Backup System (3000), Datas Toxin Detector MK I (1000)
   Miracles: Ward Enemy, Strike, Bless

    Armor of God (Tech 26, Bonus +4, Max Dex 8, Fatigues, Full body)

 Mary Clairborne of Fairfield Bay, Arizona, in the Ozark Mountains.  She was raised Catholic, attended a private Catholic school and then went on to Missionary School and then, indeed, became a Missionary.  She was assigned to a small church in southern France when everything changed... after being beset by literal devils and subsequently rescued by Church Police, she was one of those who went to attend Pope Malreaux's Final Benediction, and was thrilled when he agreed to stay and lend his grace to the people of Earth.  She was therefor fully primed to embrace the CyberPapacy's reality when the Axiom Wash came, quickly transforming to Marie-Claire Montagne -- who was and had always been a devout follower of the CyberChurch.

 And she was devout.  Back to her church, she was a Prioress, second in command and the abbess' primary guard.  When the reports came in - rumors, arguably - that the local orphanage was secretly training children in heretical magics, she naturally headed the investigation (or "raid," as the Resistance might call it).  And there was evidence, at least that the head of the orphanage was a warlock.
 ...But when the order confirmed to terminate all of the children, Marie-Claire instead barricaded the door, turned her integrated GodMeeter on the back door lock, and helped them escape into the woods.

 Things move fast in the CyberPapacy.  Her Church knew she had disobeyed orders in nanoseconds, and milliseconds later it was clear that the Church Police who had accompanied her, many of whom were her friends, were torn on the issue of running her down.  It gave her some breathing room, but more contingents were already on their way.  The warlock, however, had also been a member of the Resistance, who therefor had also been watching and scrambled to intervene...  her signal damped, she was smuggled to a chop shop so that her cyber could be hacked.
 Unfortunately, even with that, she was simply too `hot' to simply go underground, at least until her face dropped out of the news cycles.  Instead, she was sent to America, a land she no longer held any memory of having lived in; itself a barbaric place, being invaded by the most primitive reality imaginable.  The least likely place, in other words, for a CyberPriestess to go, and the most difficult place for agents of the Church to follow.

 Once she broke against her orders and became a Storm Knight, it was like a cloud lifted from her mind.  Although she still firmly believes in the holiness of the GodNet, she can clearly see now that Malreaux, and the Church beneath him, is corrupt, perverting their purpose to their own base ends.  And if Malreaux is bad, how terrible must these other invaders be?  Though Core Earth itself is clearly a lost land of sinners, they are nevertheless even more clearly the victims here, and there was no thought needed to dedicate herself to their defense.

 Although Marie-Claire does hold a deep sense of moral superiority, she is in most other ways quite genuinely humble and kind, with a particular knack with children.  She believes in the inherent goodness of all people until proven otherwise, sometimes to the point of gullibility, but once her mind is made up on a matter she is very difficult to sway.  That said, she is a Battle Priestess, trained in and hardened to combat, and has absolutely no compunctions about slaying the unjust.

 She had no real personal belongings, instead living by the benevolence of the Church, and had to flee France in a hurry, so she truly has nothing but the clothing and armor she was wearing and, of course, the systems actually integrated into her body.  This "Delphi Council" that the Resistance put her in touch with seems to be a force for good, however, and for the time being she is happy to put herself in their care and give herself to their cause.