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Character Backstory and Extra Credit Page 

Posted by TecGMFor group 0
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Sat 15 Jul 2017
at 23:05
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Character Backstory and Extra Credit Page 

This is where you can post your character's background, 20 questions, or any RP/backstory that occurred before the events of this game. Extra credit will be awarded accordingly.
player, 8 posts
Mon 7 Aug 2017
at 08:38
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Mogwai - what's in a name?

All cats had three names.

Grizabella stalked through the forest, muscles bunching under her sleek fur. Her quarry quivered ahead. The birds were cautious as they ought to be. Little more than flying rodents. It had been a long time since she'd had rodent. Individually stupid, the pigeons operated some kind of hive mind, making a successful hunt more challenging.

Some hunters liked a challenge. They were idiots. Grizabella liked lunch, or supper in this case as it was the middle of the night.

Suddenly figures started hurtling through the air, dropping like fiery stones through the flock of pigeons! They scattered. None went near where Grizabella lurked. A couple slammed onto nearby trees stunned. Stupid birds.

The cat quickly scampered up a nearby tree in the confusion, leaping off a branch through the startled prey, snagging one and knocking another into another tree. The fiery images faded as she released the phantasm. Four. Not a bad haul. She snapped them up and carefully made her way to her den, where her kits were waiting. Behind her in the night sky through the storm fiery figures hurtled through the clouds, descending.

To be continued.
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player, 17 posts
Tue 15 Aug 2017
at 10:46
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Mogwai - what's in a name?

Carefully, slowly Rumpleteezer stalked through the forest, her prey totally unawares. She pounced! Bowling into her twin Pouncival, the two kittens rumbled and tumbled and japed all about. In quiet, in silence, with nary a whisker of whisper, nor shout.

Their young sibling Macavity watched on in amusement.

Their mother, Grizabella crept into the hollow and deftly deposited her catch, three birds for her kits to eat. The two roustabout cats immediately teamed up to divide the killer's between them, sending the birds scattering away from Macavity as they chased them around the Dell.

Grizabella then walked in with her four birds and deposited them again. The twins returned as the illusion faded and got a bird each. Macavity was nowhere to be seen. Neither were two birds.

The real Grizabella levitated to a high point in the brush as she looked for the young kitten. She didn't spot it, but in the distance and in the Astral a furious wind deamon battled two earth elementals at the manlair as small explosions tore the air. Worried, she slunk off to investigate.
player, 36 posts
Fri 22 Sep 2017
at 16:41
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Mogwai - what's in a name?

Grizabella staggered back to her kits, her breathing laboured. One ear was gone, torn away by a jagged shard of ice. Unfortunately, not an illusion and all too real. She more other injuries too. The most pressing was a lamed paw. In the current circumstances it was life threatening. The blinded eye would wait.

She was in the midst of a furious man battle. No worries that. But the astral screamed as elements and spirits fought each other to chunks of matter.

She was exhausted, no longer having the energy to float through the woods. Behind her a fire burst into life with fury, blue hot flames scorching the ether.

She staggered on. Explosions rent the air as trees vaporized or were rent from the earth to kindling. The storm provided bloody counterpoint as ash mixed with the once clean snow.

The smell of burnt hair overtook her as the battle enveloped her, coughing. Choking.
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