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Posted by TecGMFor group 0
GM, 90 posts
Fri 29 Dec 2017
at 06:27
  • msg #177


Alright, let's do a quick roll call.

I'll be the first to admit that our pacing has been poor, even by PbP standards. We're five months into chapter two and have only been averaging a dozen IC posts per month. That's not very good.

Everyone else sound off about whether you're still with us and/or interested in continuing. I'll give everyone the weekend and New Year's Day. After that, I'll make the call to either push on or tie this off with a pretty bow.
player, 52 posts
Fri 29 Dec 2017
at 11:51
  • msg #178


I'm good to continue. I think it's the combat scenes that slow things to a crawl. The other thing would be to open things up to more players.
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player, 50 posts
Wed 3 Jan 2018
at 17:18
  • msg #179


I'm still in.

The pacing is bad, but we can turn that around.
GM, 91 posts
Tue 9 Jan 2018
at 06:35
  • msg #180


Roll call complete.

Chante has withdrawn and Swoopy hasn't been online in three weeks, which is enough to consider him dropped even with the holidays.

That leaves us with Dan-Dan and Shiriki. I can work with that.

Let's skip past this final spirit. I'll compose an IC post that advances us out of the Canyon and onto McCook.
GM, 93 posts
Tue 9 Jan 2018
at 07:36
  • msg #181


Alright, a fresh IC is up., for inscrutable reasons of its own, sent me an e-mail notice that I had posted something to the forum. Thanks for that,

I'm looking at the January 2075 calendar and it says that the 31st is a Thursday, not a Sunday like I've been writing in the IC thread. I'm trying to figure out where I went wrong when the game started. The politics and election stuff from Chapter One make sense for 2075. I was using Dirty Tricks for that, which has a street date of November 2074. I might need to retroactively change the date to make it be a Sunday, since it will bug me if I don't.

Narrations are to Dan-Dan and Shiriki now. Remember the "yes, and..." spirit of Anarchy.

I'll take care of Chante and Swoopy. Include them as normal for now and don't worry about getting rid of them yet.
GM, 94 posts
Wed 10 Jan 2018
at 05:37
  • msg #182


Let's get some posts going and work on rebuilding our momentum.

The traditional Anarchy rules have narrations going around the table in a circle. I thought that was too unwieldy for a group of six, but it's possible now for a group of three. Let me know if you want to try that approach so that we always know whose turn/narration it is.

As for lockpicking, I'll accept either Logic plus either Electronics or Hacking. These are mom-and-pop stores, which the book suggests should be Very Easy (4 dice). See the top-right of p. 38.

You both have gear to use during narrations. Shiriki has a maglock passkey and Dan-Dan has thieves' tools.
GM, 95 posts
Thu 11 Jan 2018
at 19:55
  • msg #183


Thanks for the IC post, Dan-Dan.

Why don't you give us some rolls to see how well the expedition goes:

1. Stealth, for sneaking around town (should be about 13 dice for Dan-Dan vs. 4 dice for the opposition)
2. Lockpicking the thrift store (note, in a town this size, there's probably just one of these stores, not half a dozen) (8 dice vs. 4 dice)
3. Lockpicking the recycling center (8 dice vs. 4 dice)
player, 54 posts
Thu 11 Jan 2018
at 21:05
  • msg #184


In reply to TecGM (msg # 183):

I rolled and got 12 successes on 13 rolls! Then I looked and saw I'd rolled d66 instead of d6. What I actually got when I rerolled was:

5 successes. [url=]Stealth Agility 6 + Catlike 2 + Mentor Cat 1 + Stealth 4[/url]: 13d6t5 5 didn't bother rolling the 4 dice defence. I might edit the post to say I just walked around openly with breezing my way along. Nah, I'll leave it.

Lockpicking twice. [url=]Lockpicking Agility 6 + Catlike 2[/url]: 2#8d6t5 4 4 4 successes both times.

Lock defence twice. [url=]Lock defence 4[/url]: 2#4d6t5 2 2 2 successes both times for two net successes both times.
GM, 96 posts
Thu 11 Jan 2018
at 21:23
  • msg #185


You smoked them! Small Town USA is no match for a Sioux Wildcat. Dan-Dan has his way with the town.

Action is to Shiriki, who can build on Dan-Dan's successes or do his own thing.
GM, 98 posts
Tue 16 Jan 2018
at 22:53
  • msg #186


Next IC is up.

Let's get a couple Hacking rolls from Shiriki, one for the doors and one for the cameras. The Computer Hacking specialization applies to both.

Both rolls are opposed by 8 dice.
player, 52 posts
Thu 18 Jan 2018
at 02:23
  • msg #187


I won't get an IC in until tomorrow, but I'm gonna get my rolls in, and see how things go.

[url=]Hacking: LOG (6) + Hacking (5) + Cerebral Booster (1) + VR (1) + Computer Spec (1) = 14 dice.[/url]: 2#14d6t5 3 3

Well, that's not off to a great start.

[url=]V. Hacking = 8 dice.[/url]: 2#8d6t5 3 6

Ties go to the attacker, so no problem with the doors, but it looks like Shiriki raises an alarm against those cameras and their 75% hit rate.

This could complicate things.
GM, 99 posts
Thu 18 Jan 2018
at 05:49
  • msg #188


As with all things in Anarchy, how much of a complication is up to you.

So Swoopy was spotted entering through an emergency exit. What does that mean? Maybe the security guard notices but, for lack of an alarm from the door, decides that it's a non-event. Maybe Swoopy gets a lecture about using the emergency exit for smoke breaks. Or maybe the security guard is a little lit on Long Haul and, full of energy, decides to run Swoopy's face through the database, which will come up blank (unless Shiriki plants some credentials quickly...).

Swoopy is probably capable of talking himself out of a minor situation, as long as the situation stays minor. If you don't feel comfortable RPing that on the character's behalf, I can take care of that. Just go where the story takes you.
player, 54 posts
Thu 18 Jan 2018
at 17:44
  • msg #189


I put in a second attempt with a Glitch die attached.
[url= ]Hacking: LOG (6) + Hacking (5) + Cerebral Booster (1) + VR (1) + Computer Spec (1) = 14 dice. Glitch Die[/url]: 14d6t5 6 1d6 5

[url= ]V. Hacking = 8 dice.[/url]: 8d6t5 4

The Host is still really very strong, but Shiriki pulls it off with an Exploit. I'm going to say the effect of the Exploit is to give Shiriki control over the hospital's alarm systems.

Next, Shiriki is going to do a patient records scan to see if he can find anyone who'd be a good candidate to pull the sec guard off Swoopy's back, if it comes to that. Patients with mental illnesses, those being treated for addictions, or any criminals under medical care are good candidates. I'm rolling Perception + VR bonus. Does that sound right?

[url= ]Matrix Perception: LOG (6) + WIL (6) + Cerebral Boosters (1) + VR bonus (1) = 14 dice.[/url]: 14d6t5 4

This is pretty specialized, but terribly unrealistic, so I'm going to say this is a Hard test.
[url= ]Hard: 10 dice[/url]: 10d6t5 3

Looks like he finds a good candidate should it come to that. Hopefully, Swoopy should be just fine, though.

There shouldn't be a roll needed to find out where our contact is, so after Swoopy deals with the guard, Shiriki will direct him there.
GM, 101 posts
Fri 19 Jan 2018
at 21:23
  • msg #190


Swoopy intimidating the guard:]Charisma 5 + Intimidation 2: 7d6t5 3 hits

Let's throw a glitch die for fun:]Glitch die: 1d6 1, glitch!

Guard defense:]Resist Intimidation: 6d6t5 1 hit

The glitch is that Swoopy's browbeating has attracted attention. The situation is unresolved but I wanted to let someone else have some input rather than roleplaying it out entirely on my own.
player, 56 posts
Sat 20 Jan 2018
at 18:34
  • msg #191


Rolling medicine to see if Dan caught everything. He has knowledge medicine too. Last die for a glitch die.

[url=]Medicine 9  + logic 6[/url]: 15d6t5 3

3 hits, relatively poor but should be enough. No glitch.
GM, 102 posts
Sat 20 Jan 2018
at 22:54
  • msg #192


I'd like to hold up Dan-Dan's IC post as the power of collaborative storytelling, and the amazing results that can happen when people bring their own experiences to the table.

I'm a soft corporate worker who could write about office politics but would understand 0% of what Dan-Dan said without the OOC explanation. Personally, I love that.

I'm going to award a free Edge reroll to represent the strength of the IC post and Dan-Dan's argument: Edge reroll: 12d6t5 4 hits

That's 7 hits total.

The opposed roll:]Average Resist: 8d6t5 3 hits

The story succeeds wildly. Nurse Hanna falls into line and turns into an ally. She won't even check Swoopy's credentials right now, although Shiriki is free to forge them if he likes.

@rednblack Narration to you, if you like. If not, I'll tie it off.
player, 57 posts
Sun 21 Jan 2018
at 11:15
  • msg #193


Thanks. I'm a civil servant in healthcare. I know it from the outside looking in, mostly when things go wrong. Work as an analyst at an arms length body, one of the regulators.

Incidentally, the idea I had for s glitch was of Swoopy getting called away to some other part of the hospital to deal with some incident, as he is on call. Perhaps overflow from the military base or a RTA.
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GM, 103 posts
Fri 26 Jan 2018
at 00:37
  • msg #194


That would have been a good glitch! That said, the military base is about 87 miles / 140 kilometers away, so it's not particularly close and not particularly likely to send overflow to McCook.

Rednblack has been dealing with a sick daughter this week. I might IC post again tomorrow if we don't hear from him.
player, 20 posts
Sat 27 Jan 2018
at 03:12
  • msg #195


In reply to TecGM (msg # 194):

Tec and CO, thanks for covering down while I'm intermittently in and out. I cannot say that I'll be consistently available for the foreseeable future, but I will try to interject where possible. In the interim, Tec and others, please feel free to use Swoopy as you see fit.
GM, 104 posts
Sat 17 Feb 2018
at 02:22
  • msg #196


Checking in here. It's obviously been a few weeks since our last post. Shiriki's been KO'd with the flu, and then a backlog of work that stacked up. He's running a separate game that he hasn't logged into for a week and a half, so I know he's behind.

I'm debating the best way forward, given everyone's mixed availability. I see Dan-Dan checking in, even though there's nothing to see. Swoopy comes and goes as able. Who knows when Shiriki will emerge.

I'm generally stubborn about keeping things going, even if they're on life support. I feel the same way here. I'm considering splitting the threads so that there's one for each PC. While this requires the PCs to split up ICly, it does have the advantage of allowing everyone to proceed at their own pace.

I'm open to thoughts and suggestions, especially from Dan-Dan, as his schedule has been the least variable.
player, 58 posts
Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 19:09
  • msg #197


I'd be happy to work it either way. I tend to check every couple of days but post (where appropriate), every few.
player, 55 posts
Wed 21 Feb 2018
at 14:02
  • msg #198


Hey, guys. Many apologies for the radio silence. As Tec said, I was sick, and then the flu circled back around and got some of the fam as well. It's been pretty gross at home. I've also picked up an extra class, late in the semester, which brought about its own series of challenges.

I'm not at a spot where I can realistically be posting with any regularity until about the second week of March. It's probably better that I bow out. I don't like dipping out, and this game has been a lot of fun, but I don't want to add more than I already have to any irritation that's caused by my absences.
player, 59 posts
Wed 21 Feb 2018
at 16:00
  • msg #199


In reply to Shiriki (msg # 198):

If you can't commit for three four weeks, I'm happy that you move to a quiet part of the story and pick it back up when you can, if everyone's happy with this?
GM, 105 posts
Wed 21 Feb 2018
at 21:41
  • msg #200


Thanks for the update, Shiriki. With that in mind, I'm going to do what I proposed, which is to split everybody up into their own threads. This will effectively make the game a batch of 1:1 games, which I've done before and worked out fine.

If circumstances allow the team members to reunite down the road, literally and/or metaphorically, we'll do so.

In the meantime, I'll try to cook up a semi-plausible reason for the players to all go their own directions ICly. This will certainly be forced and less organic than I would prefer, but we'll work within the realities of our situation.

I probably won't get that up today; Thursday or Friday are more likely.
GM, 110 posts
Thu 1 Mar 2018
at 07:53
  • msg #201


Ha-ha, I got a post up before the end of February! In my time zone, at least, and barely, but technically correct!

This IC post actually wasn't what I was expecting to write when I sat down but, lo and behold, here we are. Consider the group split up for now.

I have an initial post up for each individual thread for whoever wants to continue.
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