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Mon 17 Jul 2017
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Character Creation
This is a 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons game.

You will use 36 points to purchase ability scores per page 169 of DMG (Making this a bit more than high powered)
You are 1st Level
You will be a Gestalt
You are limited to 4 character classes, and no more than 1 prestige class.
No prestige class may be taken during the first 10 levels
You may take 1 Flaw to get 1 Feat if you wish.
You receive maximum hp for each level
You receive minimum gold for 1st level characters (based on whichever class does have the most gold).

Keep in mind this is a difficult adventure and it is possible you could die during the adventure, you will be allowed to roll up another character should that happen. New characters will begin at the party average level.

With the exception of world specific books (like Eberron or Forgotten Realms) then 3.5 source books published by WotC may be used. This includes Book of Swords and Psionics though I had thought to exclude them originally. Third party material may be considered on a case by case basis.

This is set in the world of Greyhawk. (Before the times of the Greyhawk Wars etc)

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Mon 17 Jul 2017
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Character Creation
In reply to DM (msg # 1):

A couple notes you should be aware of.

When advancing you get a feat at 1st level and then one every 2 levels thereafter (3rd, 5th, 7th etc) instead of the normal 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th etc. (Borrowing this from Pathfinder).

Also there is no multiclass penalty. However Favored Class will have another effect.

Whenever you take a level in a favored class (as determined by Race....Humans and Half Elves choose Favored Class at 1st level and yes it must be one of the two classes you pick) you get +1 hit point for that level or +1 skill rank. You can decide each level which you take. (This is stolen from Pathfinder as well)
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Tue 18 Jul 2017
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Character Creation
In reply to DM (msg # 2):

Fractional Accounting is introduced as option in Unearthed Arcana

For those not familiar with fractional BAB/saves, at each level your character gains the fractional equivalent of the normal BAB/save progression for your classes.  So, a fighter would gain +1 BAB, a monk would gain +0.75 BAB and a wizard would gain +0.5 BAB.  For saves, there are two progressions, good and bad.  Good progressions gain +0.5 to the save at each level, and bad progressions gain +0.33 at each level, with good progressions getting +2.5 at 1st level.  An example is below. Note that, with gestalt, you would take the better progression in each category.

       Class                 BAB    Fort    Ref    Will
       Fighter/Rogue         +1     +2.5   +2.5   +0.33
       Fighter/Wizard        +1     +0.5   +0.33  +2.5
       Monk/Wizard           +0.75  +0.5   +0.5   +0.5
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Tue 15 May 2018
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Character Creation
A Note on Alignment.

First off Read the Get Your Priorities Straight thread.

Choices have consequences, if you choose to act in evil ways there will be consequences, I'm not saying that you can't choose to play an evil character, but be aware good and neutral NPCs and PCs may not respond well to your actions. Open acts of murder, banditry, etc will factor into how they respond as word of your deeds expand. Think of it similar to the fame/infamy of Baldur's Gate. Keep in mind that with the aid of magic, even the dead can speak...