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Deities and Demigods
This is a compilation from Living Greyhawk Gazetter and from additional comments made by Sean K Reynolds who wrote the former. These are primarily human gods. I'll work on lists of the other races gods shortly (though these human gods may also be revered by other races especially Sehanine Moonbow who is the wife of Corellon Larethian and thus also worshiped by elves)

NameAlignmentPowerPH/LGG DomainsPortfolio
Al'AkbarLGDGood, Healing, Law, Nobility, ProtectionGuardianship, Faithfulness, Duty
AlliturLG (LN)LFamily, Good, Knowledge, Law, RetributionEthics and Propriety
AtroaNGLAir, Good, Plant, Renewal, SunSpring, East Wind, Renewal
BeltarCE (CN)LCavern, Chaos, Earth, Evil, Hatred, Orc, Undeath, WarMalice, Caves, Pits
BeoryN (NG)GAnimal, Earth, Plant, Renewal, Waterthe Oerth, Nature and Rain
BereiNGLFamily, Plant, ProtectionGood Home, Family, Agriculture
BlereddNLCavern, Craft, Earth, Fire, Metal, StrengthMetal, Mines, Smiths
BoccobNGIllusion, Knowledge, Portal, Magic, Rune, Spell, TrickeryMagic, Arcane Knowledge, Foresight, Balance
BralmN (LN)LAnimal, Family, Law, Planning, StrengthInsects and Industriousness
CelestianN (NG)IKnowledge, Portal, Protection, TravelStars, Space, Wanderers
CyndorLNLFate, Law, Planning, Protection, Time, TravelTime, Infinity, Continuity
DaltCGLChaos, Good, Portal, Protection, Travel, TrickeryPortals, Doors, Enclosures, Locks, Keys
DellebLGLGood, Knowledge, Law, Magic, RuneReason, Intellect, Study
EhlonnaNGIAnimal, Elf, Good, Moon, Plant, SunForests, Woodlands, Flora & Fauna, Fertility
ErythnulCE (CN)IChaos, Evil, Hatred, Trickery, WarHate, Envy, Malice, Panic, Ugliness, Slaughter
FharlanghnN (NG)ILuck, Protection, TravelHorizons, Distance, Travel, Roads
FortuboLG (LN)LCraft, Dwarf, Earth, Family, Good, Law, Metal, ProtectionStone, Metals, Mountains, Guardianship
GeshtaiNLPlant, Travel, WaterLakes, Rivers, Wells, Streams
HeironeousLGIGood, Law, Nobility, Planning, WarChivalry, Justice, Honor, War, Daring, Valor
HextorLEIDestruction, Evil, Law, Nobility, Planning, Tyranny, WarWar, Discord, Massacres, Conflict, Fitness, Tyranny
IncabulosNEGDeath, Evil, Destruction, SufferingPlagues, Sickness, Famine, Nightmares, Drought, Disasters
IstusNGChaos, Fate, Law, Luck, KnowledgeTime, Fate, Destiny, Divination, Future, Honesty
IuzCEDChaos, Evil, Suffering, TrickeryDeceit, Pain, Oppression, Evil
JascarLGLCavern, Dwarf, Earth, Gnome, Good, Law, ProtectionHills, Mountains
JoramyN (NG)LDestruction, Fire, WarFire, Volcanoes, Wrath, Anger, Quarrels
KordCGIChaos, Good, Luck, StrengthAthletics, Sport, Brawling, Strength, Courage
KurellCNLChaos, Luck, Retribution, TrickeryJealousy, Revenge, Theft
LendorLNIKnowledge, Law, Planning, Protection, TimeTime, Tedium, Patience, Study
LirrCGLChaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, TravelPoetry, Prose, Literature, Art
LlergCNLAnimal, Chaos, Scalykind, StrengthBeasts and Strength
LydiaNGLFamily, Good, Knowledge, Moon, Sun, TravelMusic, Knowledge, Daylight
MayaheineLGDGood, Law, Protection, WarProtection, Justice, Valor
MerikkaLGDFamily, Good, Law, Planning, Plant, ProtectionFarming, Agriculture, Home
MouqolNLKnowledge, Trade, Travel, TrickeryTrade, Negotiation, Ventures, Appraisal, Reciprocity
MyhrissNGLCharm, Good, Healing, ProtectionLove, Romance, Beauty
NerullNEGDarkness, Death, Evil, TrickeryDeath, Darkness, Murder, the Underworld
NoreboCNLChaos, Trickery, LuckLuck, Gambling, Risks
Obad-HaiNIAir, Animal, Earth, Fire, Ocean, Plant, Scalykind, Slime, Storm, WaterNature, Woodlands, Freedom, Hunting, Beasts
OlidammaraCNICharm, Chaos, Luck, TrickeryMusic, Revels, Wine, Rogues, Humor, Tricks
OspremLNLLaw, Ocean, Protection, Storm, Travel, WaterSea Voyages, Ships, Sailors
PelorNGGGood, Healing, Strength, SunSun, Light, Strength, Healing
PhaulkonCGLAir, Animal, Chaos, Good, WarAir, Wind, Clouds, Birds, Archery
PholtusLG (LN)IGood, Knowledge, Moon, Law, SunLight, Resolution, Law, Order, Inflexibility, Sun, Moons
PhytonCGLChaos, Good, Plant, Sun, WaterNature, Beauty, Farming
ProcanCNIAnimal, Chaos, Ocean, Storm, Travel, WaterSeas, Sea Life, Salt, Sea Weather, Navigation
PyremiusNELDestruction, Evil, FireFire, Poison, Murder
RalishazCN (CE)IChaos, Destruction, LuckChance, Ill Luck, Misfortune, Insanity
RaoLGGLaw, Good, KnowledgePeace, Reason, Serenity
RaxivortCELAnimal, Cavern, Chaos, Evil, TrickeryXvarts, Rats, Wererats, Bats
RuddCN (CG)DChaos, Good, LuckChance, Good Luck, Skill
Sehanine MoonbowCG (NG)IChaos, Elf, Good, Illusion, Knowledge, Moon, Travel, TrickeryMysticism, Dreams, Far Journeys, Death, the Full Moon, Transcendence
SotillionCG (CN)LAir, Charm, Chaos, Good, Healing, PlantSummer, South Wind, Ease, Comfort
St. CuthbertLN (LG)IDestruction, Law, Protection, StrengthCommon Sense, Wisdom, Zeal, Honesty, Truth, Discipline
SyrulNELCharm, Evil, Illusion, Knowledge, TrickeryLies, Deceit, Treachery, False Promises
TelchurCNLAir, Chaos, Storm, StrengthWinter, Cold, North Wind
TharizdunNEIDarkness, Destruction, Evil, KnowledgeEternal Darkness, Decay, Entropy, Malign Knowledge, Insanity
TrithereonCGIChaos, Good, Protection, Retribution, StrengthIndividuality, Liberty, Retribution, Self-Defense
UlaaLGICraft, Dwarf, Earth, Gnome, Good, LawHills, Mountains, Gemstones
VatunCNLAir, Animal, Chaos, Storm, StrengthNorthern Barbarians, Cold, Winter, Arctic Beasts
VecnaNEDEvil, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Spell, UndeathDestructive and Evil Secrets
VelniusN (NG)LAir, Storm, Travel, WaterSky, Weather
WastriLN (LE)DAnimal, Hatred, Law, Orc, WarAmphibians, Bigotry, Self-Deception
Wee JasLN (LE)IDeath, Illusion, Law, Magic, Rune, SpellMagic, Death, Vanity, Law
WentaCGLAir, Chaos, Family, Good, PlantAutumn, West Wind, Harvest, Brewing
Xan YaeNLKnowledge, Mentalism, Trickery, WarTwilight, Shadows, Stealth, Mental Power
XerboNLAnimal, Knowledge, Ocean, Storm, Trade, Waterthe Sea, Sailing, Money, Business
Ye'CindCGDChaos, Charm, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Magic, SpellMusic, Magical Songs
ZagygCN (CG)DChaos, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, SpellHumor, Eccentricity, Occult Lore, Unpredictability
ZilchusLNIKnowledge, Law, Trade, TrickeryPower, Prestige, Money, Business, Influence
ZodalNGLFamily, Good, Healing, ProtectionMercy, Hope, Benevolence
ZuokenNDKnowledge, Mentalism, Strength, WarPhysical and Mental Mastery

The following are Hero and Quasi Deities. (Mortal<Disciple<Prophet<Hero Deity<Quasi Deity<Demigod<Lesser God<Intermediate God<Greater God<????)

HewardN (NG)HMusic, Magic, NonaggressionZagyg
KeoghtomN (NG)HMagic, Archery, SwordsmanshipZagyg
MurlyndLGHScience, Technology, SteadfastnessHeironeous

*This denotes the god who ascended the once mortal.

The following is an inactive list of gods and information about them is sketchy but they do exist but generally do not interfere with mortal affairs:


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Deities and Demigods of Elves
Taken from Races of the Wild and 1st Edition

NameAlignmentPowerPH/LGG DomainsPortfolio
Corellon LarethianCGGChaos, Elf, Good, Protection, WarElves, magic, music, arts
Alobal LorfirilCGDChaos, Elf, Good, Magic, TrickeryHedonism, mirth, magic, revelry
Aerdrie FaenyaCG (N)LAir, Animal, Elf, Weather, Good, ChaosAir, Weather, Freedom, Impulse, Fertility, and Birds
Deep SashelasCGIChaos, Good, Elf, Protection, WaterOceans, aquatic elves, creation, knowledge
Elebrin LiothielCGIChaos, Good, Elf, Plant, SunNature, gardens, orchards, harvest
Erevan IlesereCNLChaos, Elf, TrickeryMischief, Change, Rogues and Changelings
Hanalil CelanilCGIChaos, Elf, Good, Protection, MagicLove, romance, beauty, enchantments, magic item artistry, fine arts, artists
LolthCEDDestruction, Elf, Evil, Trickery, Chaos, AnimalDrow, Spiders, Darkness
Naralis AnalorCGDElf, Healing, Chaos, Goodhealing, easing of pain, and death
Rillifane RallathilNIPlant, Animal, Protection, ElfNature, Wood Elves
Sehanine MoonbowCG (NG)IChaos, Elf, Good, Illusion, Knowledge, Moon, Travel, TrickeryMysticism, Dreams, Far Journeys, Death, the Full Moon, Transcendence
Solonor ThelandiraCGLElf, Chaos, GoodArchery, Hunting
Vandria GilmadrithLNIElf, Law, Protection, WarWar, guardianship, justice, grief, vigilance, decision

Note: Vandria does not accept Evil clerics so her Clerics are N, LG, LN or NG.

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Deities and Demigods of Halflings
In reply to DM (msg # 2):

Taken from Races of the Wild

NameAlignmentPowerPH/LGG DomainsPortfolio
YondallaLGGGood, Law, ProtectionHalflings, explorers
Dallah ThaunCNIChaos, Knowledge Luck, TrickeryHalflings, secrets, guile, thieves and rogues, acquisition of wealth, death
ArvoreenLGIGood, Law, Protection, WarDefense, war, vigilance, halfling warriors, duty
BrandobarisNLLuck, Travel, TrickeryStealth, thievery, adventuring, halfling rogues
CryollalleeLGIGood, Law, Protection, FireFriendship, trust, the hearth, hospitality, craft
Sheela PeryroylNIAir, PlantNature, agriculture, weather, song, dance, beauty, romantic love
UrogalanLNDEarth, Law, ProtectionEarth, death, protection of the dead

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Deities and Demigods of Dwarves
In reply to DM (msg # 3):

Taken from Races of Stone and 1st Edition AD&D

NameAlignmentPowerPH/LGG DomainsPortfolio
MoradinLGGDwarf, Earth, Good, Law, Protection, WarDwarves, creation, smithing, engineering, war
AbbathorNELDwarf, Evil, Trickerygreed
Berronar TruesilverLGIDwarf, Good, Law, Healingsafety, truth, home, and healing
Clanggedin SilverbeardLNIGood, Law, Strength, War, DwarfBattle
DumathoinNIDwarf, Earth, Knoweldge, ProtectionMining, underground exploration, protector of dwarven dead
HanseathCNLDwarf, Chaos, Strength, Travel, WarWar, carousing, alcohol
LaduguerLEIDwarf, Evil, Law, Magic, ProtectionMagic weapons, artisans, magic, duergar
MyaNGGDwarf, Good, Healing, KnowledgeClan, family, wisdom
RoknarNELDestruction, Dwarf, Earth, Evil, TrickeryGreed, intrigue, lies, earth
TharmekhulNDDestruction, Dwarf, Fire, WarThe forge, fire, warfare
ThautamNIDwarf, Earth, Luck, MagicMagic, Darkness
UlaaLGICraft, Dwarf, Earth, Gnome, Good, LawHills, Mountains, Gemstones
ValkaunaLNIDeath, Dwarf, Law, WaterOaths, death, birth
VergadainN (CN)ILuck, Trickery, Dwarf, TradeWealth, Luck

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Deities and Demigods of Gnomes
Taken from Races of Stone, 1st Edition & 2nd Edition

NameAlignmentPowerPH/LGG DomainsPortfolio
Garl GlittergoldNGGGood, Protection, TrickeryGnomes, humor, wit, illusion, gemcutting, jewelrymaking
Baervan WildwandererNGIAnimal, Good, PlantForests, Travel, Nature
Baravar CloakshadowNG (N)LGood, Magic, TrickeryIllusions, protection, deception, trapmaking
Callarduran SmoothhandsNIEarth, Good, Healing, ProtectionSvirfneblin, secrecy
Flandal SteelskinNGIGood, Strength, Earthmining, smithing, and fitness
Gaerdal IronhandNGLGood, Protection, WarProtection, vigilance, and combat
Gelf DarkhearthCNIChaos, Destruction, WarEntropy, revenge
NebulunCGLChaos, Good, TrickeryInventions, Good Luck
The GluttonCELChaos, Destruction, Evil, StrengthDisaster, greed
Rill CleverthrushLNLAir, Knowledge, Magic, TravelInvention, creation, sky
Segojan EarthcallerNGIGood, Protection, EarthDeep Earth, Svirfneblin,
Sheyanna FlaxenstrandCGIChaos, Fire, Good, HealingLove, beauty, passion
UrdlenCEIDestruction, Chaos, Evilgreed, blood

Nebulun is a former mortal gnome who has ascended and progressed to lesser godhood (almost any gnome know would know this, DC 15 Religion check for a non gnome to know that)

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Deities and Demigods of Orcs
In reply to DM (msg # 5):

Since Half Orc is an accepted race I present the Orc gods here.

NameAlignmentPowerPH/LGG DomainsPortfolio
GrummshCEGCavern, Chaos, Evil, Hatred, Orc, Strength, WarOrcs, conquest, strength, survival, territory
BahgtruCEIChaos, Evil, Orc, StrengthStrength, combat
DukagshLEDLaw, Evil, Orc, WarThe Scro (physical, mental, spiritual, cultural & military excellence)
IlnevalLEIDestruction, Evil, War, Orc, PlanningWarfare
LuthicNELEarth, Evil, Healing, Cavern, Family, OrcFertility, medicine, servitude
ShargaasNEIChaos, Evil, Trickery, Darkness, OrcDarkness, thieves
YurtrusNEIDeath, Destruction, Evil, Orc, SufferingDeath, disease

Note openly worshipping a known orc god is well not welcomed in most polite society.

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