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07:21, 15th June 2024 (GMT+0)

Version 1.9.56.

Posted by jase
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Mon 31 Mar 2014
at 08:51

Version 1.9.56

  • Stopped lurkers getting new message indicators for threads they did not have access to.
  • Stopped the GM "Check & Fix Access" routine from inserting the game back on the stickylist of a banned user.
  • Stopped care occassions where a game could reappear back on a user's stickylist if they removed it on one machine and then used another without relogging.
  • Quoting an "easy" table/grid no longer requires superfluous carriage returns to make it work.
  • Wrapping [code][/code] around an "easy" table/grid now stops it becoming one.
  • The edit bio section in the GM menu now displays all bios at once.
  • Text formatting within Language lines should no longer get scrambled.
  • Fixed Star Wars Edge of the Empire dice roller.
  • Added the ability to change how many Fudge (the system) dice to roll in the dice roller.
  • Changed the GM bio editing to be for all characters rather than just one at a time.
  • Fixed recording of die for the Spacemaster and Rolemaster systems.
  • Added a wiki link to the GM screen.
  • Added some cursive fonts to the list for Android devices, but most don't seem to have a cursive font installed.
  • In games with a lot of characters/private groups, the list should now scroll (though Chrome and Firefox also display an annoying bottom scrollbar despite my best efforts).
  • Fixed an issue where (when entering in information such as character names, bios, tags) only the first of multiple errors would be reported.

member, 548 posts
Umm.. yep.
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Mon 31 Mar 2014
at 15:47
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Re: Version 1.9.56

Awesome! no more messy sharing of tables!
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I roleplayed.
Mon 31 Mar 2014
at 16:30
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Re: Version 1.9.56

Still wish I could mark threads as 'unread.'
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