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Tue 19 Sep 2017
at 11:39
Changing player status
Hey Guys,

I am not sure if I'm missing something here, but recently I've had two occasions of 'employing' an assistant GM from existing players, but wanting to give them a new 'GM' name separate from their primary character(s).

On both occasions I've tried a number of things on the one stop player page, to get a number of different error messages... It ended up being that each time I've had to move the primary character to another player, which then allows me to set their new 'GM name' as their primary, before moving the character back to them as a secondary action.

As much as I may never have to do this again, it seemed really clunky, so am I missing something blatantly obvious that would have made it easier? Or is there no easier way around this?

As I hesitate on hitting post, I feel I'm about to be made ot feel really stupid... :P
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Tue 19 Sep 2017
at 12:02
Changing player status
Well ...

Perhaps an easier way was simply to add a character to the player, change the player access to GM, and use the 'Reorder' option under Edit Players to make their GM character their primary.

I gave it a test, and didn't get any sort of player error message.

Sometimes the 'One Stop' page isn't the easiest way. :-)