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Mon 30 Oct 2017
at 22:07
Portrait Submissions - On Hold Until Further Notice
Thanks to the efforts of several volunteers and continued support from the moderators and jase, we are happy to announce that RPOL prtrait submissions are resuming!

The Portrait team will be taking submissions over the first two weeks of each month. If your submission comes in after that, we'll get to it in the next month's update. We will be accepting one portrait per user each update at this time.

Things to Think About When Submitting

  • Send your image to
  • When all is said and done in the editing department, submissions are reduced to 100 pixels high by 100 pixels wide (100x100) and less than 5 kilobytes in size.  However, in the game threads, portraits in use are shrunk to 50x50 for space considerations.  To view the portrait in its full size, click on it.  (RPOL keeps no larger images.)
  • Submissions must be 100x100 pixels or greater (bigger than approximately 1 inch/3 cm square on your computer screen).  Smaller sizes usually produce poor quality, and will almost certainly be rejected.  The larger the original you submit (within reason), the better.
  • Jpg's are preferred, but .bmp, .gif, .img, .kdc, .mac, .msp, .pcd, .pct, .pcx, .psd, .psp, & .tif   formats are acceptable.
  • Please send the image file by itself, without inserting it into a .pdf (Acrobat) or other unnecessary format (Word documents, etc.).  Zipped files are acceptable provided they're in a standard format that our software can un-compress.
  • Sending the file as an attachment is preferred, but links and zips are acceptable.
  • No names on the image unless it's the artist's mark.  Copyrighted photos will not be accepted, so if you see on a photo, or the word copyright, do not, I repeat, do not send it in.  Nothing Copyrighted/Registered/Trademarked will be accepted without the artist's express permission, and we must have a copy of the permission emailed along with the submission.</ul>
  • Likewise, if it comes to our attention that the portrait is the work of an artist that has specifically asked that their works not be used on other sites (Disney, for example), it will be removed from the gallery.
  • If we are contacted by the artist or their authorized representative regarding removal of an image, the portrait will be removed immediately.
  • Images may be rejected if they are too small, too blurry to make out the details, poor quality, have words on the image, are deemed a duplicate or extremely similar to an existing portrait, or are just plain bad.  "Duplicate" is a judgment call - there is not enough room for every actor with every mood in every costume for every role they ever played, nor every model in existence.  All things equal, pictures with "character" will be given consideration over "just another face".

Quality and the 'Final Product:'

  • The final image will be cropped square - tall or wide portraits may not work well when cropped.  If your image is not square, the larger the original (within reason), the better chance the image can be used upon alteration.
  • If you submit a full-body shot, it will be cropped more tightly.  Faces tend to be preferred over full body as they hold up to 50x50 viewing resolution better.
  • If the file is less than 5k, it may not retain the quality needed once sized and cropped.
  • Images must be clear - contrast, detail, quality, color, focus, artistic ability, and overall final product all will be taken into consideration for acceptance.
  • Look through the recent submissions (later pages in any category) for examples of what quality is generally accepted.

Please contact Warrax via rmail for any questions/concerns regarding portraits and/or portrait submissions.

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Mon 30 Oct 2017
at 23:48
Resuming Portrait Submissions - October 30, 2017
Good news! Thanks, everyone.
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Tue 31 Oct 2017
at 00:08
Resuming Portrait Submissions - October 30, 2017
It's a Halloween miracle! :D
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Thu 2 Nov 2017
at 03:45
Resuming Portrait Submissions - October 30, 2017
So how long till we can see and use the new portraits?
The Stray
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Thu 2 Nov 2017
at 04:09
Resuming Portrait Submissions - October 30, 2017
With submissions resuming, will the Portrait Posse board be renamed?
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Thu 2 Nov 2017
at 14:11
Re: Resuming Portrait Submissions - October 30, 2017
So how long till we can see and use the new portraits?

There are over 120 new portraits already posted from our backlog. We'll be taking in new submissions until and including the 14th of the month, then we'll focus on those and you'll see them no later than the end of the month. That's going to be our standard cycle going forward.

The Stray:
With submissions resuming, will the Portrait Posse board be renamed?

Haven't really talked about it yet, to be honest.
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Thu 2 Nov 2017
at 14:49
Re: Resuming Portrait Submissions - October 30, 2017

Thank you for taking over what is bound to be a huge job. It is greatly appreciated.