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Sun 10 Dec 2017
at 19:26
Hello and PFS questions
Hello, it's been a while?
So hello again to anyone that perchance remembers me?

So does anyone run or play in PFS games here? (Pathfinder Society) And if so I was wondering how long a set 4 hour (live) adventure typically takes on here.

Just incase I started to run one (and if there is an email update when people post, or has there always been?)

Thanks to all responses, good and bad!

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Sun 10 Dec 2017
at 19:49
Hello and PFS questions
I remember you.  Welcome back.

By PFS. I would assume you're talking about Pathfinder?  Yes, that is played here.  The Search option on the main page lets you search by system, so you should be able to find games.

As for how long it takes... how long is a piece of string?  Games are played here with different posting rates (as decided by the individual GM), so they will last for highly variable lengths of time.

And yes, you can set your account to email you to let you know if you have had new posts.  Well, it can check as often as every 15 minutes, and will let you know if you have new activity.

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Sun 10 Dec 2017
at 19:56
Hello and PFS questions
 As Bigadron says.. the speed of games depends ont eh speed of  posting.. i have  3  games i run.. one is very active.. one   middle, one slower..  you post your ad for 'players wnated' and hope you get  active  player and . more importantly, players who wil stay.
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Sun 10 Dec 2017
at 20:37
Hello and PFS questions
In reply to bigbadron (msg # 2):
Thanks for the replies

Ha! 10 years on and still remembered... I won't ask for what, but a lot of the mods looked familiar 😀 you included.

I've edited the post for PFS to be Pathfinder Society. I did do searches but didn't find anything specific to 'PFS' or 'society'

I assumed the length of game wouldn't has very changed 😀
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Sun 10 Dec 2017
at 20:52
Hello and PFS questions
I haven't seen any Society games here myself, though I do recall someone discussing it a month or two ago.  Most of the games here are more like pick-up games, though you get to bring your own character.
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Sun 10 Dec 2017
at 23:39
Hello and PFS questions
I don't see that many get publically posted.  I've run a few games both of SFS and PFS, but we're not overly active on that front.
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Thu 1 Feb 2018
at 13:11
Hello and PFS questions
I used to run PFS on here.

It worked pretty well, but there were some niggles. Games could take a looong time (common with Play-by-Post games in general) which made it a bit schizophrenic for someone using the same PFS character here and at conventions - they'd end up with 2 versions at different levels/with different stuff added.

I also encountered issues with certification. After each module played, the GM is supposed to sign off on a certificate that details what module it was, what XP and other stuff was gained and so on. These are supposed to be actually signed, a bit difficult online... a strict interpretation of PFS rules suggests even a PDF with a scanned signature was a bit dodgy. My fix was to put my e-mail address instead of a signature, so anyone who had issues with the veracity of a certificate could get in touch. Not that anyone did... but they could.

Another thing was that groups of players tended to stick together. Part of the fun of a shared campaign is rolling up and playing with a table-full of strangers, but it got hard to mix them up here - they wanted to move from module to module en masse.