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Wed 24 Jan 2018
at 05:23
New Game: "Forum" Option?
I was looking through the Help page, and ran across this line:

Creating a Game:
Forum (optional): Checking the box for "Forum" will set the game up so it is a forum, that is there will be no character database for the game.  Any registered, verified RPoL user would be able to post to the forum, and they would always post as their Account Name, rather than as a Character.

Was this removed? That page hasn't been updated since June '08, so...

It could still be a useful option, though, especially for 'games' that are really just focus groups for dedicated interests (like the ones for specific RPG rulesets).
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Wed 24 Jan 2018
at 06:58
New Game: "Forum" Option?
Forums are set up just like regular games.  If the game is relevant to the purpose of this site (ie: it is about gaming), does not duplicate an existing forum, and has sufficient interest/activity... then after a proving period the GM can rMail us about converting it to a discussion forum.