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Tue 26 Feb 2019
at 16:54
Game advertising (not PBF roleplaying)
So I have two (computer) game projects that people may / may not be interested in. I was just wondering if I could advertise them here and if so, where (Offline Gaming or Community Chat).

The first is for a multi platform text based strategy / rpg set in space. It may end up containing mature content that is PG-13 or maybe cert 15. Its in very early alpha.

The second is a Twine Horror Game (Interactive fiction / browser based) that is published. It could be considered cert 15 for mature themes but nothing explicit.

Neither is being charged for (both are / will be licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0) but there is the completely optional possibility of donating for the Twine game.

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Tue 26 Feb 2019
at 18:50
Game advertising (not PBF roleplaying)
The correct place to advertise any game not being played on RPoL would be Offsite Gaming, where you will need to provide an offsite means of contacting you to access the game.

Note, however, that advertising a game that asks for donations (voluntary or otherwise) is not permitted anywhere on this site, so you will not be able to advertise the Twine game.