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Fri 29 Mar 2019
at 23:24
Is there a function for alias group Z characters?
I have a game with multiple editions of the same system going. I have two groups, one of which in a stagnant state, where there is no update, and recent group with a new update. I had put the first group in group Z, so as to store their RTJs and character work, for the relatively soon event of resuming their group. Meanwhile I had RTJ for the second group. Well, througha clerical error, one of the first group had not been switched to group Z, saw the message and wanted to join both groups. I do not want their...first character, now in group Z, to be erased, or have access to post anywhere else; but their main character is now going to be in group 0.

The question is, does this function as I described? Or is the player still forced to see only group Z material?
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Sat 30 Mar 2019
at 02:24
Is there a function for alias group Z characters?
As far as I can tell groups are based on Characters not Players.  So you should be fine.
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Sun 31 Mar 2019
at 01:54
Is there a function for alias group Z characters?
In reply to evileeyore (msg # 2):

Yup, you're right!  Per the help file:

Group Z is a special Group. Only GMs may post to this group, and characters in the game may not belong to any other group if they are in Group Z; while in Group Z, they will be able to read it, but not to post to it. Lurkers cannot be placed in Group Z

{italics are mine, for emphasis.}