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Wed 10 Apr 2019
at 13:50
New Guy Question
Hey gang, not new to RPG’s or PbP.  New to RPOL, though.

I just started a new game (and joined one other).  I had a few questions about the layout / site functionality.

Posting maps, creating characters, posting in IC, and using the dice roller ... all good there.

Can someone shed some light on the numbered groups?  Group Z? I gather that it’s for side threads (split party and such). Is there a way to allow folks to read along, but not post in a thread?  I can definitely see a time where multiple players might want to follow the tale even if their PC is not in the scene.  For stuff that is going to happen without the other players’ knowledge ... do I have to do anything special, or just place PC’s in different groups?

Also, lurkers, what is that?  I had a RTJ where the forum member requested lurker access to the game.  This person essentially is on a ‘standby list’ and would like to join if a player drops. Do I just add the player so he can follow along, but he creates no character?  Or is there some other rpol term that this guy was referencing?

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Wed 10 Apr 2019
at 14:10
New Guy Question
Group Z (as I understand) is a special group reserved for putting players in as a kind of 'holding area'. E.g. for moderation.

Group Public is a group where everyone can see posts (even non players) but only GM can post.

Group 0 is again for everyone to see but also players can post in it.

Groups 1-Y are for in game posts and only players in that group can post.

I usually only use group 1 and add other groups if I need private stuff for groups of players. I sometimes use groups A and above for GM-CoGM discussions.

If you edit a thread, you can set it to closed (Dont set it to archived). Closed threads prevent players from postingto them, but GMs can still post to them.

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Wed 10 Apr 2019
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New Guy Question
Someone with "Lurker" status can read but not post. As for groups, people in a group can read and post to that group. Any threads posted to a group that they're not part of are invisible to them. I think Group Z is read-only to everyone (except the GM), however, but I've not yet used that one.
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Wed 10 Apr 2019
at 14:27
New Guy Question
I've also seen GMs use Group Z as an archiving tool, for completed threads to be saved but not seen by the players.
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Wed 10 Apr 2019
at 15:07
New Guy Question
Awesome, thanks guys.