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Wed 10 Jun 2020
at 05:12
Changing Game Rating - GM Question
I started a game and accepted a handful of players.  I then decided to change the rating to adult. I removed all the players, changed the game-status to Adult, then appended a message to their initial RTJ requesting them to re-apply.

I've received one new Access-Request message from a former-accepted player, so that's kind of what I'm expecting across the board as everyone signs up again.

But if I click on the "Add User" from an original (pre-Adult-Rating) access request, the Add New User dialog says "Adult access is Granted".  But I'm thinking that they haven't had the time to respond with a new access-request.

So, how do I know they've re-applied?

I'm assuming I'll get another Access Request message.  Btu I'm not 100% certain.  Can I get clarification on that?

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Wed 10 Jun 2020
at 06:22
Changing Game Rating - GM Question
There actually isn't any reason to remove players when changing a game up to Adult.  The automated age checking will go into play the next time they try to enter the game, and only allow access if they are of age.

Also, any player who sends an RtJ when the game is Adult has already done an age check, otherwise they could not send the RtJ.  So if you get an RtJ, the player has passed the check.
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Sat 13 Jun 2020
at 02:26
Changing Game Rating - GM Question
BBR's spot on, but at the risk of adding no value I'll clarify a few points.

What you did is what was previously required before we integrated adult access into the functionality of the site.  Previously it used to be the responsibility of the GM to ensure all their players have adult access, now the site handles it for you.

Which leads to the other point.  If you're seeing "adult access is granted" then it means they've been approved for adult access by one of the moderation team.  This relates to access to the adult section of RPoL, once they go to join your game they need to confirm their birth year and month (and finally get added by you!).

So if you want you can reattach the players to their characters.