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Wed 2 Dec 2020
at 12:17
How to reply to RTJ PMs?
I'm new to using Rpol and have requested to join a couple games, but have ran into a problem. In a game I've requested to join the GM has asked for some further information, but I can't seem to find a button to reply anywhere in the PM chain.

In another game I've requested to join, I have been accepted, and looking back at the PMs I can easily see the reply button. Is it because I haven't been accepted to the game that I can't reply to the GM's PM? Or is the reply button somewhere else, and I'm just missing it?
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Wed 2 Dec 2020
at 13:14
How to reply to RTJ PMs?
for a PM, there should be 'reply', at the bottom right, then a window   will open to type you message.

 when you get into a game  it will be like that as  well.


 for  the  RMail, look on your  main page , top right hand side , just abover the date, there are  sections you can click on ( wiki, ect ect..) one of them is on that.

 a page will  come up...if you have old rmails,click on the  rmail  and...just like   the other screens, you will s see at the bottom right  'post reply'

click on that and it opens a window, just like other posts  for you to reply to the   rmail.


 if you wish to send  an rmail to someone who has not sent you one, you need thier account  name. Look at the top you will see  'Compose  a new rMail', click on that and  you can make and send a rmail.


I sent you a rmail for you  to try these out., also..if you saw a game in the ads, all you have to do is go to the top of the page. A box   says    about the  advertisement  and the    highlited  name of the game  will take you to the   GMs  game  site,...when you get to the site, again, look in the top right hand  corner  and you will see 'request Access', after that?  all you have to  do repley  to PMs  from the  GM  as you two sort out  access and  charcters.
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Wed 2 Dec 2020
at 13:18
How to reply to RTJ PMs?
In reply to donsr (msg # 2):

Thanks. I see it now. I didn't realize it was all the way at the bottom right. I was used to looking within the box of the messages.
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Wed 2 Dec 2020
at 13:22
How to reply to RTJ PMs?
never hurts to ask, we were all new to this site  at one time!
Sir Swindle
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Wed 2 Dec 2020
at 16:49
How to reply to RTJ PMs?
Ya, I've definitely lost the button a few times, it is sort of a weird spot and it's in 3 places when you are in normal threads.
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Fri 4 Dec 2020
at 22:04
How to reply to RTJ PMs?
When I first joined the site, it was because a friend of mine had decided to start running a Star Wars game on here and was inviting some of his favorite players to get involved.  I had never really done anything in any sort of forum format before, so I had no idea where to look for any of the buttons...

I would come here, read what he had written, look for a way to reply that I couldn't figure I would send him a message on MySpace (yes, I've been here that long), he would reply, I would come back here and follow his directions until I ran into the next roadblock, then go back to MySpace...

It took me three or four tries to get oriented enough to how the site worked to be able to navigate on my own.  So you're already WAY ahead of where I was when I started out.  *laugh*