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04:51, 19th April 2024 (GMT+0)

Question about Wanted-GMs rule.

Posted by Big Brother
Big Brother
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Thu 5 Jan 2023
at 06:06
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Question about Wanted-GMs rule

Regarding Rule 10:
Wanted-GMs Rules:
Do not use this forum to choose character races/classes, &c., to "call" characters, or to do any detailing that should be done with a GM in the game itself.  Posts of this nature will be removed.

Does this mean that if I am looking for a GM to run a one-on-one game for specific characters, I cannot provide details on those characters? I'm not talking stats, but how would I find a GM for my specific character if I can't provide at least a paragraph-length blurb?
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Thu 5 Jan 2023
at 09:02
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Question about Wanted-GMs rule

I have advertised, and seen many others, where a game for a particular concept is being requested.

I think the rule is more for establishing that the forum is just for requesting a DM and that *all* discussion of the actual character creation process be taken to private or a specific game thread.
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Thu 5 Jan 2023
at 11:09
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Question about Wanted-GMs rule

My take in it is that it should be a brief description of game or characters you are looking for a GM to be interested.  {not a long written out description.}  Then when a GM is interested they will reply with a link to their game or that they might be interested.  Contact is then made further elsewhere and the character or game is discussed there not in the public forum.  It keeps the Forum from being swamped with back and forth posts.
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Sun 8 Jan 2023
at 05:59

Question about Wanted-GMs rule

Yup ... common sense prevails - it's all about consideration for other users.

If you're chasing a game for a particular character, then it's OK to mention that in the initial request, but we'd expect minimal detail - just the absolute basics to get the concept across - and any back and forth between prospective player and prospective GM around that should occur either in the relevant game thread OR rMail, ie not in the Wanted-GM post.

We definitely don't want to see a request for a game with a follow up post (once a GM has shown interest) that goes on to specify character details no matter how minimal.

As has been suggested, the rules there so that other users of the forum are not swamped with posts that are of no relevance to them (if they weren't prepared to run that game, they're definitely not interested in the minutiae of the character creation).   The idea is that once someone makes contact, take it elsewhere (in game or rMail).   :>
Big Brother
member, 476 posts
Who controls the past...
... Controls the future.
Sun 8 Jan 2023
at 11:20
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Question about Wanted-GMs rule

In reply to Skald (msg # 4):

Thank you for the clarification. Much appreciated.
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