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05:57, 27th May 2024 (GMT+0)

Filters for in game group threads.

Posted by tmagann
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Mon 1 May 2023
at 20:23
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Filters for in game group threads

I have a very long list of threads as GM of a game I'm running currently. They are broken down into groups according to my in game needs. There are so many I frequently use the Filter option to find the one I want to make a new post to (or to reference).

The problem: The option to Change the filter is not working (I'm using the original site, not the responsive one). I have to remove the filter and select a new one, rather than just change it.

Not a major issue, and it's easy enough to do, but the option is there so I thought someone might like to know that it doesn't work.
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Tue 2 May 2023
at 06:40
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Filters for in game group threads

Interesting ...

Yup, confirmed the bug - and I think I've found the cause: the Change link should be adding a negative sign before the group name in the address line, but it isn't - eg should be &filter=-A at the end, not &filter=A.

Probably easier to remove then redo the filter (as you say) than to manually edit the address line after clicking on the Change link to add the negative sign then refreshing the page.

I believe all his development work is now focused on the responsive site, with a view to eventually retiring the old site so I don't know that jase will be fixing this bug, particularly as there is a workaround ... but even so thanks for bringing the issue up.  :>
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