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16:24, 22nd June 2024 (GMT+0)

Can I reuse a character?

Posted by Bruiser419
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Mon 7 Aug 2023
at 19:04
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Can I reuse a character?

So I had a character that I liked in a game, but the game seems to have died and we didn't even reach level 2.

Is there any sort of issue or reason that I can't try to reuse this character in another game since we barely progressed, or is there some unwritten rule that once a character is used in a game you can't use it again?

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Mon 7 Aug 2023
at 19:20
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Can I reuse a character?

In reply to Bruiser419 (msg # 1):

Not only is there no rule against doing that, I believe it's a fairly common practice. And there's no need to ask the GM for permission or announce it to anyone else in the party, since the character's existence in another game may as well be existence in another universe altogether.

With that said, sometimes I will change the name of the character and imagine them as brothers or cousins, just so I don't confuse myself with a bunch of replicants running around. LOL.

Note: the only exception to this (that I can think of) would be games where the GM requires everyone to make new dice rolls as part of the character creation process. In such a case they're not likely to let you use your pre-rolled character.
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