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06:51, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

question for violence.

Posted by NoobyChoco
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Thu 25 Apr 2024
at 21:40
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question for violence

so adult content isnt limited to sex but also gore and violence, right

so how explicit does it have to be to be adult

like, in mature you just give a brief description, and in adult you give full detail?
as in between the zombie's head exploding to zombie's head exploding and splattering brain matter everywhere?

for violence i dont know where to draw the line, as combat is somewhat very important in my thing
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Thu 25 Apr 2024
at 21:52
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question for violence

The general rule I've always applied is 'graphic detail'.

If you describe a murder scene graphically (which I am not going to give an example of, but I think we all know it), then it's adult. If you say 'there's a body next to a large blood stain on the floor' and move on, it's mature.
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Hopepunk with a shovel
Thu 25 Apr 2024
at 23:08
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question for violence

If it's described in a level of detail that would merit a film getting an 18 rating (e.g. describing exactly how those rotten brains look/feel/taste as they land on the unfortunate during a prolonged scene of battering a zombie until it stops twitching), it's Adult. If it could happen in a 15-rated film without the camera cutting away, it's Mature.

Implication is almost always better storytelling anyway: I've known a great GM to make players hallucinate their own torture scenes far worse than anything described outright just by well-timed use of the phrase "there was a lot of pain, and it went very dark."

If the camera would cut away in a 15 or lower-rated film, describe that instead, e.g. character goes in for a fatal blow that's going to be messy -> "she takes the swing, and a reddish scatter marks the pristine snow." Is it giblets, is it ketchup? Narration leaves that to the reader's comprehension of intent and context.
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Fri 26 Apr 2024
at 05:05
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question for violence

thanks guys i now know where to draw the line for narration
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